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Tips for an awesome Wedding Timeline! {for Kerri Lynne Brides}

kerrilynnephotographyweddingtimelineadvice_01I was recently going through wedding photographs I’ve taken this year, I stumbled upon this gem. I captured this moment while testing the light for family pictures. This “in between” moment seems to sum up so well a major fear couples have for their wedding day! Will there be a major disaster? How do I keep my family in order? How will we have time to do everything we want to do?

This image is priceless! I love how the groom is ready, looking at the camera and smiling, and everyone else, well…they are figuring it out.

The key to this moment is that it is OKAY it happened! We had plenty of time to photograph the family pictures, and it is your job to trust your photographer even with these “in between” moments. They happen at every wedding, in one way or another. A wedding day is not perfect. But the key is to PREPARE for the day ahead of time, create a timeline with plenty of breathing room, and these moments work themselves out. And they’re funny to look back on later!

I recently attended an event with makeup artist Meredith Hayman, and she asked me to speak to a group of vendors about creating a successful wedding timeline. As I wrote, words kept flowing from my pen, and I knew I HAD to share this advice with all of my brides, not just in person, but on my blog. So feel free to share this with others if it’s helpful to you!

kerrilynnephotographyweddingtimelineadvice_021. Start early with makeup and hair

You can’t start early enough – really! This is my #1 tip for getting ready on your wedding day. The makeup and hair is the first thing on the timeline, so not budgeting enough time can affect the rest of your wedding day. I have seen it happen countless times.

Meredith Hayman suggests budgeting a start time of 3-4 hours before you need to put on your wedding dress. On average, a time slot for hair for 1 person is 45-60 minutes, and makeup for 1 person is 30-50 minutes.

Speak with your makeup artist and hair stylist, and do trials before the wedding to see how long it will take!

Also, make sure you plan for every person who may need makeup or hair. I have seen family members ask for their makeup or hair to be done on the day of the wedding, unplanned, and that has affected other people’s time slots that were planned. Again, planning is key!!

I photographed a farm wedding this fall, and my bride and I had scheduled her first look with her groom to be at 12:00 pm. She started her hair and makeup at 6:30 am! Her bridesmaids may have thought she was a little crazy, but as an event planner, my bride knew the value of leaving more than enough time. Consequently, her wedding timeline went smoothly throughout the whole day!

2. Do a first look

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Bridal shower or wedding gift or not?

by endlesstan

A relative will have a wedding in hawaii this coming July 2012. His bride to be set a date, then put it on hold, and only recently said that it would take place. No one could figure out whether or not to make hotel, airline, auto reservations for sure.
Problem is that we have barely two months now to secure flight reservations plus wedding takes place that weekend just after the 4th of July. This all adds up to prime tourist season and airfares, hotels and you name it = $$$$
We would be a party of four so imagine the cost involved in total....yikes!
We also know the hotel hosting the reception could only accommodate no more than 300 guests and that this an issue (how to invite but limit who could possibly attend this affair)

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