Wedding party wording for invite

Wording on Wedding Invitation

vintage wedding invitation kit plum Wording on Wedding InvitationYou could make your wedding a special event if you choose proper wording on wedding invitation cards and letters. You would need to describe each and every step which is included in your marriage arrangement. If you are an amateur in this regard, you could take the help of a good invitation card designer who mainly works for designing wedding cards. You could even consult your friends and family members for asking suggestions in this case.

You could search for a few samples and take help from the wording described in them for using their filtered form in your wedding card. It would be easy for you if you could look for some online tutorials for making and using various types of wording to be put on a wedding card. Taking the help of some home and family magazines could also help you in this matter. So you could refer to all these sources for making the task of writing good wording on your marriage card.

Know about the hosts and other arrangements of your wedding event

It is important for you to know about the list of the hosts for mentioning them in the wording on wedding invitation. You could mention the names, middles names and designations of all the hosts. These people could be from your family or friend circle. You could even mention your relationship with the hosts. This would make it easy for the guests to recognize the hosts and their link with you. However, try to keep this list short and include only the names of the main hosts as it would cover a lot of space if you start writing about each and every host in your marriage function.

After the listing of the hosts, you would be required to mention about the details of the would-be couples. You could use a little bit of the playful side of your personality here and use unique and attractive titles for introducing the names and features of both the bride and the groom. In this manner, you could look after the task of putting wording on wedding invitation in a fine manner.

Write about the kinds of meals and dress codes on your wedding invitation

Generally, the main attraction of a marriage function is its eating arrangement. So if you are offering some exclusive and interesting meals and drinks in this event, you could write about them in the wording on wedding invitation. This would enhance the worth of your wedding card.

On the other hand, if you are looking forward for organizing your wedding party at an interesting venue, you could describe about the type of dress codes which you want your guests to wear for offering their presence in your marriage ceremony.

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Wedding Invitation Wording for Reception Only

by gurlzrballaz2

Unfortunately my fiancee and I have an extremely large family and we cannot afford to invite everyone to the Dinner part of the reception. What is the proper wording to put on the invitation for all the other family members and friends that we want to come to the curch and the party part of the reception?

Engagement parties  — Iowa State Daily
If it is a fancy venue, then it may be appropriate to have a black-tie event, but if it is a casual venue, it is not necessary to wear something so fancy as a ball-gown or a tuxedo.

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