Wedding party with 3 Bridesmaids

3 Ways to Do Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses—Without Having Your Wedding Party Look Like a Big Old Mess

I understand why brides let their lady friends do the "mismatched" thing. It's hard to find a universally flattering dress when bridesmaids come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Still, I think it's nice when mismatched 'maids have something in common, otherwise your bridesmaids can look like a band of merry wedding guests who just happened to follow you down the aisle. Here are three ways to do "mismatched" that won't look "totally random."



After Six Style 6620, $224; Style 6660, $210; Style 6664, $220 all in Shamrock from Weddington Way.


J. Crew Elyse Dress in Dusty Shale Silk Taffeta, $250; Matilda Dress in Mercury Gray Liquid Jersey, $250; Heidi Dress in Dusty Shale Silk Chiffon, $250.

I know some kind brides just try to give a color and let their bridesmaids pick everything else, but this never looks quite right, to me. Here are five assorted dress that are all called "navy" by the designer, for example.

J. Crew Origami Bow Dress in Stretch Wool, 28. Alfred Angelo Style 7243S, $170. Wtoo Style 499 in Navy, $204. Nine West Dresses One-Shoulder Cotton Eyelet Dress in Navy from Amazon, $104.25. Dolce Vita Valentia Lace Dress in Navy from Shopbop, $275.

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Non-dress bridesmaids outfits???

by unjender

Ok, so I have this situation and I don't know where else to ask but here - I'm hoping someone else has dealt with this or had a dyke wedding or something. I am to be the maid of honor in this wedding in July, and 2 of the 3 of us bridesmaids are not so psyched about wearing dresses. My friend the bride is cool and open to some kind of pants thing instead, but she hasn't been able to find anything appropriate/affordable. Apparently we have to order stuff by december for a July wedding, and if I can't come up with a solution I'll be wearing a satin gown on my dyke ass. So, if anyone has planned/been in a wedding where the bridal party wore some kind of pants, or otherwise has ideas, I'd love to hear them


by njoyinlife

WHITES: Send out invitations.
MEXICANS: Send out maps.
WHITES: Receive their invitations 3 months in advance.
MEXICANS: Find out about the wedding 3 hours before the wedding.
WHITES: Have seven BridesMaids..
MEXICANS: Have forty seven Padrinos.
WHITES: RSVP their invitation.
MEXICANS: Show up with three car loads, and are waiting for the rest of their family that got stuck at the train.
WHITES: Go to the wedding AND the reception. MEXICANS: Just go to the reception and the house party after.
WHITES: Have elegant food.
MEXICANS: Have arroz, frijoles and brisket

Bridesmaids advice- sry long post

by soontobeklg

I got engaged about 6 weeks ago, and I haven't officially asked any of my friends to be my bridesmaids yet. Here's the situation: my sister will be my maid of honor (I've already asked her). I have 5 other girls that I would love to ask, but it is going to be a small wedding and I feel like 6 bridesmaids total is too many. I would rather have 3-5 total, including my sister. 4 of the other girls are college friends, and one is a high school friend. At some point within the last several years, before I was dating my fiance, I have probably talked about being in each others' weddings with all of these girls and I have probably told them all "sure you can be in my wedding"

Engagement parties  — Iowa State Daily
If it is a fancy venue, then it may be appropriate to have a black-tie event, but if it is a casual venue, it is not necessary to wear something so fancy as a ball-gown or a tuxedo.

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