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Our Favorite Walk Down The Aisle Wedding Songs And Music

best walk down the aisle songsThe best walk down the aisle songs make a fun entrance

Need something dramatic for your walk down the aisle song? Are you one of the many people who smiled while watching “JK Wedding Entrance” on YouTube? I bet you can’t forget that couple and the entire entourage who danced their way to the altar. That may not be a literal ‘walk down the aisle’ but they sure picked a wonderful wedding song and a creative way to ‘dance down the aisle’ and so can you.

Sometimes couples who are getting married ask me for the best wedding songs to walk down the aisle to – surprisingly I don’t always go for the traditional “Here Comes the Bride” or the famous “Bridal Chorus” by Wagner. Indeed, when it comes to favorite wedding processional songs there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. If you want suggestions for wedding ceremony music and songs for brides walking down the aisle then our list of the best music to walk down the aisle to will help you on your special day.

Choosing the Best Walking Down the Aisle Songs

So you are asking yourself “what song can I walk down the aisle to?”Well, there are many walk down the aisle wedding songs that you can pick but when it comes to finding the right wedding music, there are things that you might want to consider. I always recommend couples choose something that gives meaning to their big day but of course, I also advise to do away with wedding aisle songs that are too overused. If you really, really want that song but it has been used over and over again in almost every wedding, you can still use it but try something different, like turning it into a piano solo, an instrumental using a saxophone or a guitar – make the song your own.

Sam at - Wedding Planner dancing down the aisle

Hmmm how about

by planningearly

I too want to walk down the aisle to something different. I'm gonna have the bridal party walk down the aisle to DJ Zigo's version of "Bach's Overture #3"... it's totally awesome and still wedding like.
For me though... as soon as it's time for me to walk in... I wanted to maybe switch it to Santana's "Samba Pa Ti" or that awesome instrumental part in the middle of Metallica's song "One"
I love rock too and wanted to incorporate this into the wedding since I know I won't hear any of my music at the reception.... "gotta cater to the crowd" they say

I've played music for many ceremonies.....

by MissMusical

1. Typically the wedding party does walk to a different song than the bride (but not always)
2. You do not have to play an entire song for the walk. If you want, find a portion that means the most to you and have just that played.
3. I've seen songs with and without words during the processional (I will be using "Grow Old With Me" by Mary Chapin-Carpenter when I walk down and it has words) It's up to you.
4. You do not neeeed songs during the ceremony unless you want them (might be nice if you're having a candle lighting or sand ceremony)

Google and you'll find a ton like this

by pepeone

they'll need to listen and choose what kind of beat to use.. I chose one for the wedding party, one for when I walk down (bride) then one after they announce Mr and Mrs _____ while we walk out.. so she should consider that.. and of course the first dance :)

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