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Columbia Club Weddings in Indianapolis

Columbia Club Weddings in Indianapolis
Columbia Club Weddings
121 Monument Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46204
  • Two unique spaces, Crystal Terrace Ballroom & 10th Floor Ballroom
  • Phenomenal hospitality from banquet staff
  • Great party ambience and superb Monument Circle location

The Columbia Club in downtown Indianapolis is one of the city’s often overlooked wedding venues, but it definitely deserves the spotlight as one of the more unique Indianapolis wedding venues. Nestled on the Northeast corner of Monument Circle, The Columbia Club boasts an unbeatable location thats within walking distance to Indy’s premier restaurants, shopping and nightlife (for easy access to rehearsal dinners or after-party festivities).

One of the first things you notice upon entering the Club is the warm, welcoming ambience that lends itself to hosting a major social gathering, such as weddings! Every staff member we’ve ever encountered has been friendly, hospitable and completely open to offer advice/help with anything needed.

Crystal Terrace Ballroom

With stained glass windows that overlook Monument Circle from three stories up, The Crystal Terrace Ballroom at the Columbia Club is an intimate and romantic space to host a fun wedding reception.

10th Floor Ballroom

Upstairs, on the 10th floor of the Club, you’ll find the strikingly beautiful 10th Floor Ballroom and pre-function lobby. Once off the elevator, you enter directly into the lobby where cocktails and appetizers await, before entering the ballroom for an unforgettable setting for dinner & dancing.

The Columbia Club Wedding DJ Testimonials

“Our DJ did a spectacular job! The dance floor was packed all night long, so much so that people had to dance on the carpet surrounding the dance floor. Everything went off without a hitch from the bridal party introductions, to the slide show to the speeches, and to the signature dances. We were VERY happy and satisfied. I would recommend this DJ company to anybody.” ~ Vinod & Drinan

Halloween or carnival wedding?

by gafiltafish

I just got engaged and i want something different, strange, unexpected, and fun. ive done some searching for halloween weddings but it isnt quite what i wanted. its either more like a halloween party, or is pretty much just a fall theme with pumpkins thrown in. i guess i want something macabre and dark lol. something kind of like a haunted house feel to it. my other idea is to have a carnival type of wedding with "freak show" type of elements thrown in (think of rob zombie's music videos). i imagine having kind of crazy designs and having different carts serving cotton candy, funnel cake, and pretty much junk food lol

Batchelorette party ideas

by Matron_of_honor8507

I am the Matron of honer in a wedding next August. This is my best freinds wedding, and I want it to be perfect for her. The party I planned is going to cost apx 500.00 Per person. I thought it would be fun to have the ultimate batchelorette party. This included drinks food transportation and a 4 day cruise. (the bride loves cruises but has only been on one) When I discussed this with the rest of the bridal party, they told me good but one person had a problem with the cost. It makes me wonder why she has accepted the role of bridesmaid. Its not like the payment would be due tomorrow or even next week, payment isnt due for 6 months

Re think the wagon. It can tip over easily and

by illnevertell

Or the little ones riding can flip them selves out if they get scared or suddenly see their grandma or favorite aunt and decide to run to them.
You can decorate umbrella strollers in wedding colors and have either bridesmaids or jr. bridesmaids push them down the aisle.
Have the church nursery standing by to take care of any little ones who suddenly decide to have a melt down for whatever reason.
I don't think the cotton candy machine is a good idea either, maybe a snow cone machine would be better.
As far as other kid friendly ideas: set up a "kid table" and hire babysitters to entertain the kids with crafts, games, sing alongs etc

We NEED more details

by eldridge201

As someone who has experience in the business in a lot of aspects of a wedding, you don't have enough details to give us to help you out. I am originally from a small town in your area but have since moved away and now own my own entertainment, lighting, video, sound & events design/decor company that deals with virtually every type of event from the small private party of 20 to large corporate functions of 1000 or more.
I know that you may want to "keep it simple" but even doing this there are things that people need to know that can help you out.
A few things to consider are:
---Is this event going to be indoors or outdoors?
---Do you want pictures or videos of your event? If so, do you need a phtographer or a videographer or both?
---Are you...

Engagement parties  — Iowa State Daily
If it is a fancy venue, then it may be appropriate to have a black-tie event, but if it is a casual venue, it is not necessary to wear something so fancy as a ball-gown or a tuxedo.

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