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10 Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas on a Budget

wedding reception flowersBy Casey Slide

Although a wedding is really about the ceremony, for many of your guests, the real wedding begins at the reception (i.e. food + dancing + open bar = serious fun). For the bride and groom, the reception is usually when they get to relax and let loose as well, but the planning of the reception is anything but relaxing, especially if you’re trying to stick to a strict budget.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save money on fun, elegant, and memorable decor. Here are ten inexpensive wedding reception decoration ideas.

Save Money on Wedding Reception Decorations

1. Use White Christmas Lights
Many people use white Christmas lights all year round on their back porches as a simple and elegant decoration. And these lights can make a beautiful addition to any wedding reception venue! They can be hung from the ceiling, around tables, around the cake, or in potted plants. If you don’t want to use Christmas lights, consider lanterns instead.

2. Tie Ribbons
Seat covers can be expensive to rent and a lot of work to make. Instead of using seat covers, get some beautiful wide ribbon to tie on the backs of the chairs to add some elegance and spruce things up. Ribbon is a cheap alternative compared to fancy seat covers. Enlist the help of friends to get the ribbons cut and tied for the big day.

wedding reception candles3. Add a Water Feature
A nice addition to the entrance of your reception would be a water fountain. It could even be a small one that you have in your home that sits on a table. The sound of a water fountain is so refreshing, and it would be nice for your guests to listen to as they can finally relax at the reception.

4. Use Feathers
Feathers are a big trend in wedding decor. Buy them in bulk from a craft store and create large feather wreaths to hang on the walls or add them to centerpieces of flowers for an elegant (and inexpensive) look.

5. Decorate with Food
The wedding food and drink menu you choose and the way it’s arranged on platters can add lots of pizzazz to your big day. Huge and assorted apothecary jars of candy on the dessert bar create a festive mood, while gorgeous trays and farm fresh cheeses and rustic bread can instantly make the party have a more organic feel.

6. Add Candles
There’s nothing more romantic than a dim room lit only by the glow of hundreds of candles. And luckily, candles are inexpensive.

7. Cover with Fabric
You can get yards of your favorite fabrics at a craft store and use it for everything from covering tables to draping from the ceiling (i.e. sheer fabrics work well for this and create a romantic atmosphere). Get creative with material to create a soft, intimate atmosphere.

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Grand Entrance Ideas???

by FWhates

The bridge, you know, where she and I enter the reception and the wedding party hold there hands up and we walk under them, well my FW thinks its played out and tacky and I kinda agree with her.
Problem is, we are both having a hard time coming up with something unique or more original.
Anyone have ideas for the bride and grrom entering the reception that is a little more fun or unique.
We are having a nice NY wedding, not over the top, but it will be a fun day and we are down to earth fun people.

Has anyone been to a wedding ceremony at

by JoaquinMillerCascades?

I love the park and think it's beautiful but kinda confused as to where the aisle would be and where the party would walk in. There is a large round waterfountain at the base of the cascades. Would the wedding party walk down the stairs that flank the cascades or is there another entrance?
Also had a question about the Joaquin Miller Community Center. The Center's surroundings is gorgeous but the center itself is kinda blah. Has anyone been to reception there and got ideas on how to make it more festive?
Thanks all!!

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