Updo Hairstyles for wedding party

10 Creative and Unique Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

Brunette Cascading CurlsWhen it comes to weddings, every bride wants long hair. Why? Because there are so many options! You can do pretty much anything with long hair. With long hair, you can do pretty much anything. So before you decide which hairstyle to wear for your wedding, take a look at these ten creative and unique wedding hairstyles for long hair!

Cascading Curls

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Hair Type:

Face Shape:

This style will work with any face shape. If you have a long or square face, keep some fringe or curls out around your face.


Sleek Updo

When going for a sleek style, make sure to add some shine to your hair to help it look polished. My favorite shine spray is Unite Eurotherapy Shina-Mist.

Sleek Brunette Wedding Updo For Long HairHealthy, shiny hair is what this bridal style needs.

Even though this updo is all taking place in the back of the head, don’t ignore the front. Make sure to create a flattering shape in the front and add some wave in the sides to keep it interesting.

Vintage Curls

Vintage curls are a great twist on the classic down and curled bridal hair. Finger waves and pin curls are softly brushed out to create a really glamorous, timeless curl.

Brushable hairspray is key for this hairstyle. I love the Kenra 25 hairspray.

Hair that can hold a curl will help a lot when doing vintage curls. If your hair is stick straight, it could all fall out once you brush it.

The front of this hairstyle is lifted at the crown, making it unflattering for those with a widows peak or a low hairline. If you have a small forehead, consider leaving some bangs out.

When brushing out your pin curls, it’s best to use a boar bristle brush. This type of brush will add a lot of volume and bounce to your curls.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles For Long HairHalf Up


The hair is softly curled and halfway pinned up in barrel curls in the back, sweeping the sides away from the face.

Volume in the sides will help this hairstyle look better from the front. Before you blow dry, apply Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus Mousse.

Hair that is medium to fine is best for this hairstyle. If your hair is too heavy, you might have a hard time keeping your barrel curls in place.

Twisted Chignon

Doing a twist braid on tangled hair is nearly impossible! Make your job easier by applying Unite 7 Seconds Leave-in Conditioner before you blow dry.

This style works best on hair with little to no layers. Too many layers will disrupt the flow of the twist braid.

Braided Updo

A classic updo gets an update look with a braid going across the top in the back.

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play is an amazing product you have to try. This product will add grip to your roots making bobby pins stay in place better.

Updos in the back are a classic choice for brides because they flatter nearly every face shape.

Side Ponytail

Hair is curled, then twisted and pinned into a low side ponytail with pin curls resting on top of it.

Half Up Wedding Hairstyle For Long Hair Twisted Brunette Chignon Wedding Hairstyle Braided Bridal Updo For Long Hair Long Brunette Side Ponytail For Weddings
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Tea Party Bridal Shower - Fun idea

by foryourguests

I chatted briefly with a woman who attended a bridal shower this past weekend. She described it as one of the prettiest bridal showers she’s ever been to.
It took place at the clubhouse at Champions Gate in Orlando, FL. It’s located about 10 minutes away from Disney World, but isn’t a part of the tourist areas. Their clubhouse accommodates about 150 guests, but this bridal shower happened to have about 40 guests. The wedding will have about 175 guests, but will not take place in the same location.
The bride’s friends all got together and threw her a Tea Party Bridal Shower

Usually no shower for second wedding

by itwouldbeinpoortaste

Unless you had some very unusual circumstances like your house burned down with all your previous household gifts in it and people felt sorry enough for you to want to re-shower you.
if it is second wedding people tend to believe you are well-enough furnished.
if you want a party befor the wedding don't call it a shower have your FMIL throw you a "bridal tea" or "bride's luncheon" so it's not a gift-giving party like a shower is.
there is also a southern tradition i read about in crane's wedding blue book, i think, called an introduction tea, if his family does not know you or you do not know them, it gets everyone together before the wedding and is a pseudo-engagement party as well

Wedding shower... Some questions...

by dr-cassidy

I posted in the women's forum, still I'd like your input.
What is a reasonable amount for each bridesmaid to chip in for a bridal shower?
I am a bridesmaid. I live near the bride, whereas most of the party does not. I am looking at venues and wanted to get an idea of what sort of price range would be reasonable. We intend to split the cost of the shower equally. The invitaions will read "hosted by her bridesmaids" or something to that effect.
Some Background Info:
It will be held in a rented space. The guestlist is somewhat high. We wanted to host a tea or a brunch

Engagement parties  — Iowa State Daily
If it is a fancy venue, then it may be appropriate to have a black-tie event, but if it is a casual venue, it is not necessary to wear something so fancy as a ball-gown or a tuxedo.

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