Destination wedding welcome party invitations

Stephanie + Trey's Coral and Aqua Destination Wedding Invitations

Bahamas Wedding Invitation Atheneum Creative3 550x382 Stephanie + Treys Coral and Aqua Destination Wedding InvitationsLast March, I featured these awesome passport-inspired save the dates for a wedding in the bahamas from Melissa and Amy at – and today they’re back with the wedding invitations! Melissa and Amy incorporated the linen from the save the dates, along with a beach-inspired coral and aqua color palette. So beautiful!

From : To keep with the style of Stephanie and Trey’s passport save the dates, we brought the linen into the invitation as a backer and stitched the card directly to it. We incorporated watercolor calligraphy on the invitation as well as the welcome party card and lined the envelope with a coral pattern. Overall we wanted to keep the design airy, clean, and flowing to evoke the ocean feel.

So pretty! Thanks !

Bahamas Wedding Invitation Atheneum Creative 300x432 Stephanie + Treys Coral and Aqua Destination Wedding Invitations Bahamas Wedding Invitation Atheneum Creative2 300x432 Stephanie + Treys Coral and Aqua Destination Wedding Invitations
Tropical Toucan Cake Topper in Black and Orange: Paradise Destination Bird Wedding Cake Topper
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  • Includes two love birds, a bride and a groom, each wearing matching feather outfits. Our bride is radiant in a tulle veil and vintage inspired floral headpiece...
  • Bride and Groom Love Bird Wedding Cake Topper
  • Each bird measures about 5 inches (12.5cm) from the tip on their ridiculous bill to the end of the longest tail feather.
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Rant: my darling friend

by I_Said_What

Is getting married. I love her, BUT
She's had an engagement party (registered = gift)
She's had a bridal shower (registered = gift)
She's have a bachelorette (registered = gift)
Having a destination wedding (registered = gift)
Having a post wedding party (registered = gift)
We're skipping the bachelor parties and the post parties. Already partaked in the pre-parties.
Now...she sends an EFFING VIDEO that i was INSTRUCTED to watch about what I am supposed to do during her effing wedding

Wrong Wrong Wrong

by brideisback

Look - in this progressive time 2007 - the rules are, there are no rules!
We're having a destination wedding but have had an engagment party that was thrown for us by some friends, and that included people who are not going to come to our SMALL INTIMATE CEREMONY far away from SoCal ... Were they upset about this supposed breach of ettiquete -hell no! They were happy to be included ...
So shut up and get off your high-horse, the bride & groom are no longer chained by these stupid rules that pre-date Womens Lib!

Engagement parties  — Iowa State Daily
If it is a fancy venue, then it may be appropriate to have a black-tie event, but if it is a casual venue, it is not necessary to wear something so fancy as a ball-gown or a tuxedo.

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