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What's expected of our guests?Jan 21

Destination weddings can be one of the most exciting topics to think about except for one thing: they tend to bring up a lot of questions.

Because of their huge scope of options depending on the couple’s wedding wants and needs, these events require different planning procedures, and therefore different planning questions to ask, especially in terms of what’s proper to do or not.

In past EWE posts, we’ve tried to answer some of these etiquette-related questions by explaining who pays for what at destination weddings, as well as how to deal with (and where to ask guests to send) destination wedding gifts.

But this post is going to cover all the loose ends we haven’t addressed yet, and that you’re still asking us.

So keep reading if you’re still wondering about which of those pesky duties you need to be in charge of, or how you should handle a missed-flight situation by a guest or wedding party member (yes, it does happen).

Your destination wedding etiquette questions answered…

Who should we invite to the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and bachelor party?

Definitely a tricky one that lots of people wonder about.

The general rule of thumb here is to only invite people to pre-wedding parties who you are also inviting to the wedding. This avoids anyone’s feelings getting hurt.

Speaking of the wedding party, do we pay for their travel and accommodations?However, if you really want to see more people than that and have a smaller, more intimate ceremony, you have three options:

1. You can invite whoever you want to pre-wedding parties, but not ask for gifts (so it doesn’t seem like that’s the only reason you’re asking them to come there but not to the wedding).

2. You can invite people to your pre-wedding parties who are expecting an invitation to a party, but not necessarily to your wedding. These are most likely going to be acquaintances or co-workers you’re not incredibly close with.

3. You can have an after-wedding reception back home and invite everyone you want. Guests at your wedding could then save their gifts for this event (instead of mailing them in or bringing gift cards).

Make sure that whatever you decide is clear and concise on the invitations you send out.

What are we required to provide for our guests?

There are a few things you as a couple will need to prepare for your guests for your wedding to follow proper destination wedding etiquette.

First of all, so they have all the information they need. It would suck to have a guest miss out on your special day because they simply couldn’t book travel in time.

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Rant: my darling friend

by I_Said_What

Is getting married. I love her, BUT
She's had an engagement party (registered = gift)
She's had a bridal shower (registered = gift)
She's have a bachelorette (registered = gift)
Having a destination wedding (registered = gift)
Having a post wedding party (registered = gift)
We're skipping the bachelor parties and the post parties. Already partaked in the pre-parties.
Now...she sends an EFFING VIDEO that i was INSTRUCTED to watch about what I am supposed to do during her effing wedding

Wrong Wrong Wrong

by brideisback

Look - in this progressive time 2007 - the rules are, there are no rules!
We're having a destination wedding but have had an engagment party that was thrown for us by some friends, and that included people who are not going to come to our SMALL INTIMATE CEREMONY far away from SoCal ... Were they upset about this supposed breach of ettiquete -hell no! They were happy to be included ...
So shut up and get off your high-horse, the bride & groom are no longer chained by these stupid rules that pre-date Womens Lib!

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