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Beach Bridesmaid Dresses Wtoo Spring 2013

beach bridesmaid dressesSay yes to stunning Beach Bridesmaid Dresses!

Yes, you want to look like the princess that you are on your big day and do deserve all eyes on you; but considering that your bridesmaids are some of the most special ladies in your life, you should also try to outfit them in dresses that are flattering, fashionable and comfortable for a beach ceremony.

I’m so excited to share Wtoo’s new Spring 2013 bridesmaid collection, designed just for destination weddings! The dresses in this line feature vibrant and tropical tones that are completely inspired by the natural beauty of the sand and sea, which is clear to see in every design.

Here are some stunning dresses that will wow your bridal party and your guests!

Beach Bridesmaid Dresses

beach bridesmaid dressesShort and sweet? Yes please! This beach bridesmaid dress has a classic silhouette that will flatter most women in your bridal party while providing some light support and structure with spaghetti straps.

This next style is a great choice if you are into creating a Grecian goddess look. An asymmetrical strap and front slit are two totally hot design features for the upcoming season!

If you’re looking for the perfect length and a little sass, this style is the answer to your prayers. This little number will stay out of the sand and provides a little sass while each bridesmaid in your party walks down the aisle.beach bridesmaid dresses ep everyone cool when the weather is hot!

Nothing says vintage more than an illusion neckline. A truly unique but classy design, this dress will help cinch your bridesmaid’s waists without being overly clingy and the peek-a-boo back of the dress is to die for!

Silky dresses like the one below, shine brilliantly in the sun and are great for a big busted bridesmaid that needs some extra coverage and support on the upper half of her body. I love how the delicate bow and deep scoop back adds some instant glamor and charm to the entire look!

Here’s another silky gown that will look amazing on a taller bridesmaid with a smaller bust line. An embellished strapless feature adds some volume to the chest and draws the eye upward. Your bridesmaid will also love how the style boasts a subtle sash feature to create instant curves.

I love how easily these beach bridesmaid dresses fall and flow throughout the body. A deep V-neck is great because it will open up the upper portion of your friend’s form and leaves ample room for a sparkly statement neckline so it can shine as much as the dress’ finish does!

Doesn’t this dress create a feeling of old Hollywood glamor in a new age design? Subtle sleeves and a fitted silhouette will show off your bridesmaid’s curves and are easy to pair with a pair of flip flops for the beach and pair of stilettos for an ocean front reception.

beach bridesmaid dresses beach bridesmaid dresses beach bridesmaid dresses beach bridesmaid dresses
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Small wedding/larger cocktail party

by llamaluver

A friend's cousin just had a small wedding (like reallllly small, 20 people), but the next day they had a cocktail party and invited all their friends and family. It seemed like a cool idea and pretty cheap (cheaper then paying for everyone to eat full meals). My friend wasnt invited to the wedding, but she was okay with that and said the cocktail party was nice and relaxed.

It's a wedding, not a cocktail party

by unselfemployed

Don't confuse your wedding, a ceremony of commitment and love, with a bar-b-que at your home. Feeling guilty because you haven't invited your whole work place is a carryover from being in grade school and not being able to invite just a couple of friends to your birthday party -- if you brought the invitations to school, you had to invite everyone. :-) I'm sure the other 45 have little expectation of being invited, and it's natural that you would invite your partners, but not everyone that you know.
The boss in our office recently got married -- it was a destination wedding, so very few people from the office were invited, but the ones...

Movies with party/wedding scenes?

by LeFoolenli

Can anyone think of some movies with party or large gathering scenes that are very well done? I'm more thinking about scenes that make you feel as though you are really there at a cocktail party or a wedding, not really a big rave or big sexy dance stuff.
I feel like there is something like this in a 60's movie or maybe a Scorsese film, but I am completely drawing a blank on anything that would help me i.d. them...

OT: wedding dress :(

by nogoodhandlename

My sister just emailed us... we're (bridal party) just getting plain black cocktail dresses of our choice.
pro: we get to pick out one flattering for each of us.
con: i was getting excited for the purple one i posed a few days ago. and i think it would look more wedding-ish if we matched and i'm worried she's going to regret it....
sigh... i know she's budget conscious and wants us to be able to re-use the dresses, but i hope she's not compromising too much on what she wants.
oh well. at least i get to go dress shopping!

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