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Amazing Cocktail Wedding Reception

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Many kinds of the wedding reception are available. The cocktail wedding reception is one of the wedding reception kinds and it is the party held in the early evening involving the alcoholic drinks. Despite this party implicates the alcoholic drink, this party keeps having the etiquette and so, it is meant that the people are not allowed to drink the alcoholic drink until they are woozy. Conducting this etiquette in the cocktail wedding party will avoid the strife like as the fight among the attended guests and this phenomenon is caused by the alcoholic drink served in this party. In spite of the disarray which is made by the attended guests, the sacredness of the wedding will decrease and there is no romantic situation in this wedding party.

Actually, holding the cocktail wedding party has the particular reason and this reason is relevant to the complimentary of the menu in the wedding party. Truly, the alcoholic drink can make the body warm and it is very suitable if it is consumed in the evening on account of the weather in the evening is quite cold. Consequently, for emerging the warmth, drinking the alcoholic beverage is the exact solution for overcoming this problem. In establishing this wedding reception, the wedding owners must prepare well and they have to concern with another menu, the seat, the decoration, the fee, and many more. In addition to that, this wedding reception is more relaxed and it is impressed informal in order that it will be more pleasant.

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Small wedding/larger cocktail party

by llamaluver

A friend's cousin just had a small wedding (like reallllly small, 20 people), but the next day they had a cocktail party and invited all their friends and family. It seemed like a cool idea and pretty cheap (cheaper then paying for everyone to eat full meals). My friend wasnt invited to the wedding, but she was okay with that and said the cocktail party was nice and relaxed.

It's a wedding, not a cocktail party

by unselfemployed

Don't confuse your wedding, a ceremony of commitment and love, with a bar-b-que at your home. Feeling guilty because you haven't invited your whole work place is a carryover from being in grade school and not being able to invite just a couple of friends to your birthday party -- if you brought the invitations to school, you had to invite everyone. :-) I'm sure the other 45 have little expectation of being invited, and it's natural that you would invite your partners, but not everyone that you know.
The boss in our office recently got married -- it was a destination wedding, so very few people from the office were invited, but the ones...

Movies with party/wedding scenes?

by LeFoolenli

Can anyone think of some movies with party or large gathering scenes that are very well done? I'm more thinking about scenes that make you feel as though you are really there at a cocktail party or a wedding, not really a big rave or big sexy dance stuff.
I feel like there is something like this in a 60's movie or maybe a Scorsese film, but I am completely drawing a blank on anything that would help me i.d. them...

OT: wedding dress :(

by nogoodhandlename

My sister just emailed us... we're (bridal party) just getting plain black cocktail dresses of our choice.
pro: we get to pick out one flattering for each of us.
con: i was getting excited for the purple one i posed a few days ago. and i think it would look more wedding-ish if we matched and i'm worried she's going to regret it....
sigh... i know she's budget conscious and wants us to be able to re-use the dresses, but i hope she's not compromising too much on what she wants.
oh well. at least i get to go dress shopping!

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