After party for wedding

When the After Party Is a Wedding Must

2011-07-22-dancefloor.jpgWedding celebrations, like all good things, must come to an end. I always recommend that my clients end their weddings on a high note, leaving everyone wanting a little more. Lately, many couples, their families and their guests have truly been wanting more, and so they look to the after party to keep the fun going.

An after party to me is a new venue and atmosphere where guests go to continue the celebration after the reception. It's a growing trend in the wedding industry, because it's a chance to offer a more relaxed environment after the formality and tradition of a wedding reception. You may remember hearing that Prince Harry threw a raging after party for William and Kate, complete with a nightclub DJ and late-night snacks -- most definitely allowing guests to cut loose after Prince Charles's elegant black-tie dinner at Buckingham Palace.

Some good reasons to consider an after party:

Your reception venue has an early music curfew and ending time.

10PM is a typical noise curfew in residential neighborhoods and in the Napa Valley, where a lot of Bay Area brides choose to have their weddings. Nowadays, guests travel in from all over the country, and the world, for the big day; therefore they want to have a chance to mingle past the 10 o'clock hour.

2011-07-22-photo.JPGYour friends are a late-night crowd.

If most of your guests are night owls, and you know they'll be looking for a place to party after the last dance, why not organize a fresh, fun venue to continue the celebration. Changing the setting for the party -- whether it's to a different ballroom in the hotel, a wine cave or a local restaurant you favor -- will re-energize the crowd.

You can save costs on your wedding reception.

If planned right, adding an after party to your wedding night could actually be a more economical option. Ending the formal reception a little early means cutting down on the time you'll need to book your band, catering staff, even your transportation. Your vendors can begin breaking down the event at a reasonable hour and you won't incur any overtime charges.

Moving to a more casual location for the next round of drinks will keep the night's overall costs down, while losing none of the fun.

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Dressing for a September/October wedding?

by -

Invitation does not specify formal or is taking place at 3pm at a hotel. Looks like a large wedding party (7 bridesmaids!?).
I have never been to a wedding before, and I have no clue what to wear! One of my friends (not going to this wedding) told me to "think Oscars" but I can remember running into people after weddings who were not decked out in formal wear?
Also, any advice on what my date should wear? He really only has a black suit that makes him look like a funeral director.
Any ideas?

I feel for you on the wedding thing

by ajsthinkn

It was really hard getting married while prego. We decided to take chances on conceiving before our April '09 wedding. So we moved it up to November. I had the same dress issue - I bought mine big to begin with (long story ) but it really didn't need the alterations I thought, my big bachelorette sucked ass and I couldn't party like I had envisioned. I'm picking up my wedding pictures today and I'm sure I will be upset at my size in them! I was about 15/16 weeks during our wedding.
After the wedding is over, then you won't feel so conflicted (I didn't want our wedding to be about the baby) and you can enjoy the baby part more

Are you looking for something that feels wedding

by Sparkle_Motion

Or just a pretty/nice dress?
We did the same thing with our "unreal" and "real" weddings. Just didn't have the time to make the celebration we wanted after being engaged for a year, but wanted to make it official. So we went to the JP, just the two of us, and found the time to plan the ceremony/party that we wanted to have with our friends and family.
We just went in nice clothes but didn't make it "wedding" in terms of my wearing a white dress or something with a wedding feel to it.
I agree with the suggestion and you should definitely check out nordstrom

Need wedding photos for a wedding sample :)

by Wedd1ingMirrors

I am look for a gay and lesbian wedding couple to let me use your wedding images for a wedding sample . I need 14 photo images of the wedding party and cermony (professional photography) I have a great idea on making a personalized wedding gift of any wedding couple. I need to make a sample so people know what I am talking about. I will give you the finsh product (worth $180) after I take photos of the piece . I will be posting on my website and would want your permission. If you are interested or know a wedding photographer that is, please email me and I can give you more details. You can upload the images to my email its that easy

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If it is a fancy venue, then it may be appropriate to have a black-tie event, but if it is a casual venue, it is not necessary to wear something so fancy as a ball-gown or a tuxedo.

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