After destination wedding party Invites

Champagne Brunch Weeks After a Destination Wedding

Celebrate your nuptials with a champagne brunch.

Hosting a champagne brunch several weeks after your destination wedding is a wonderful way to celebrate your nuptials with family and friends. It is a lovely alternative to an evening post-wedding reception that is low key but still elegant.

Plan a Champagne Wedding Brunch

Destination weddings, once reserved for the rich and famous, are now accessible for many couples. Even if they are breaking with the tradition of wedding in a family church followed by an evening dinner and dance, they still want to celebrate with friends and family.

Modern couples realize the high costs of destination wedding attendance for their guests, and often host a party back home after their return. This allows guests to share in the newlyweds' joy without bearing the cost of a wedding they cannot truly afford to attend.

Guest List

It is not necessary to invite people who live long distances to the brunch reception, as this places an undue burden on them if they also had to travel for the wedding itself. However, if friends or family will feel slighted by not getting invited, it is perfectly acceptable to send them an invitation. Keep your own relationship dynamics, and budget, in mind when making up the guest list.


The location for the brunch depends on your budget and what is available in your area. Places to consider include:

  • Gardens and botanical centers
  • Museum banquet halls
  • Fine dining restaurant party rooms
  • Local club banquet halls
  • Church basements

Frequently, couples or their parents host a post-wedding brunch in their own home or backyard. This makes preparation easy, as everything is at your fingertips.

Invitation Wording

Typically, brunches are semi-formal to informal. The invitation design will help convey this, as will the wording. Look for a design that reflects your destination, or find one with a simple elegant flourish. A champagne brunch is typically a sophisticated affair, but not as formal as a black-tie reception.

Standard Post-Wedding Brunch Invitation Wording

The invitation to the brunch should include the original ceremony date, as well as the other important information for the celebration.

Sarah Makinroe and Jonathan Smith

Please join them in celebrating their nuptials

with a champagne brunch

at Legion Hall, Pickatown, Tennessee

on Saturday, August 1, at ten o'clock in the morning.

Wording When Parents Are Hosting

If the bride and groom are not hosting the reception, it is perfectly acceptable to name their parents or other relatives who are hosting the reception in the invitation.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Johnson

and Mr. and Dr. Eugene Banks

request your presence at a celebration

in honor of the marriage of Sam and Julie Banks

Just for fun: Wedding Do's and Don'ts

by yaya9

Simply answer with a DO or a DON'T. Have fun and feel free to add some new do's or don'ts
Wedding Do's or Don’ts
Destination wedding with a party for friends and family at home (after the trip)
Inviting another couple or family on the honeymoon (separate rooms obviously)
Including your dog in the wedding
Having a friend/friends (non professional) take your photos
Sending invites via email
Expecting your FH to help plan

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