Womens Wide Width Special Occasion Shoes

Sexy Shoes For Women With Wide Feet In Need A New Past Time

As fashion trends are constantly change the fact that it is extremely difficult to find sexy shoes for women with wide feet goes on. Finding wide footwear usually equates into a style that could easily look like one that your granny might wear because her feet have swollen double their original size.. Let me explain. Wide is considered a D in width. Most of the shoes made by the manufacturers are made in a B width which is a standard. By looking at the chart below you should notice that there is really not a lot of difference in the different widths. Approximately 3/16 of an inch in most cases plus, although each manufacturers sizing is slightly different.

Inches Shoe Width
3 1/4″ AA
3 7/16″
3 5/8″
3 13/16″
4 1/8″

As you can see, there is not really much of a difference but, believe me if your shoes are too tight you will only wear them one time and then they will either sit in your closet or you donate them. In many cases, if you have order online, they arrive and your excitement plummets with disappointment because you can’t even get them on. I know there are many of you out there that this has happened to. Now I know, and you should too, that your feet will swell during your day at work or play so what ends up happening is that the shoes that felt ok when you tried them on early in the day will be tight by the time you are getting ready for that night on the town. It’s bad enough that the selection of shoe styles available in the wide width is limited but, what does a girl do if she wants high heels? You know the really sexy ones 5 inches or even higher. Does anyone carry those? Many retail stores simply don’t offer the wide so as a result you spend a lot of time on the internet searching for that perfect pair of heels but you need that wide width. Has the search for fashionable wide sizes that are affordable has become almost your only hobby?

Finally, the fashion trend setters have convinced the manufacturers that there is a need for wide width and the industries, at less a few, of the manufacturers are know offering a nice selection. Zappos is always a good place to find wide widths if you are searching for casual, dress or of course, tennis shoes but what about your high heels needs. Girls with feet on the wider side deserve to have sexy wide high heel shoes that match the outfits they are so excited to wear for that special occasion.

Minitoo GYMZ960 Womens Handmade Platform Chunky High Heel Round Toe Ivory Glitter Evening Party Bridal Wedding Strappy Dress Pumps Shoes 7 M US
Shoes ()
  • Customized size,heel height color and more details,The color available in:white,ivory,pink,gold,silver,champagne and more 25 colors,Pls refer to our size chart in...
  • Actual heel height 5 inch
  • Closed toe,High heel
  • PU lined,Satin and glitter upper material
  • New with box,Made in China

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Dyeables Private Collection by Dyeables Women's Riviera Sandal,Silver Metallic,5 M
Shoes (Dyeables)
  • Fabric upper
  • Adjustable ankle strap
  • 3heel height
Minitoo TH13135 Womens Stiletto High Heel Peep Toe Ivory Chiffon Evening Party Bridal Wedding Ruched Flower Shoes Sandals 7 M US
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  • Suitable occasion for Party & Evening, Honeymoon,Wedding,Special occasion
  • Actual heel height 4.5 inch
  • Peep toe,Stiletto high heel,Decorate with ruched and flower
  • PU lined,Chiffon upper material
  • New with box,Made in China
Annie Shoes Annie Women's Allison Evening Dress Sandal,Gold,6 M
Shoes (Annie Shoes)
  • Padded footbed
  • Elastic slingback
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