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One Stop Wedding Shoppe 215.659.3366

Selection, Savings and Service with a Smile

Save 10% on all shoes and purses
Choose from the four most popular dyeable and Special Occasion shoe
lines. If you don't see what you're looking for here, it probably doesn't

We custom dye to match your swatch or garment
Custom dyeing of shoes and purses purchased from One Stop
Wedding Shoppe is $10.00 per item. Allow 2 weeks for dyeing plus
shipping time.
For faster service, we offer Quick Dye one-week dyeing for $15.00 per
Items not purchased from us are $15.00 for regular service, and
$20.00 for Quick Dye service.
Additional charges may apply for cleaning, bleaching and re-dyeing
when available.
When ordering shoes or purses to be dyed before shipping to you,
mail a swatch of fabric to:
One Stop Wedding Shoppe
Shoe Dyeing Department
2401 Blair Mill Rd.
Willow Grove, PA 19090
Include a note with your name, address, phone number, and the
brand, style and size of the items being dyed.DYEING NOTES
Lighting We dye to either indoor lighting or outdoor lighting,
whichever you prefer. You must choose one or the other, because
most colors will vary in different lighting.
Imperfections- Sometimes shoes have imperfections that are not
visible until dye is applied. This is beyond our control. These may

Special Occasions Ballerina Slipper 3003 - Childrens Black Leather Ballet Shoe. From the Special Occasions Collection By Saugus Shoes. Black Leather Slipper with a Fine Leather Sole.
Single Detail Page Misc (Special Occasions)
  • The Ballerina
  • Childrens Black Leather Ballet
  • Size: 7 thru 3

Good golly DD,

by eeieeyeoh

It seems pretty simple that the best are so because they try harder than others. Understanding self and other's stupidity shouldn't be much of a hurdle to do gracefully. After all, it's just a skill and art of being able to understand and put oneself in other people's shoes (see things from their point of view). I have enjoyed being able to "razzle and dazzle" on the customer's stage too, but also must be realized that WOT can't be performed 24/7. There's only a couple or few of my many 10's of K customers I've walked off the job for because of their unreasonable expectations of their value of my skills, and only before I ever did any work to begin with (except one very unusual case that I will never disclose the identity of to protect the innocent)

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Evening Bag (D 251) (White (Gold Chain Handle))
Apparel ()
  • Dyeble Bag by Carlo Fellini
  • rounded flap closure and chain handle
  • Measures: 8x5
Charlotte Shoe (11 M US, Fuchsia)
Shoes ()
  • Exclusive Carlo Fellini Evening Shoes
  • Heel 3
  • Beaded and satin
  • leather outsole and comfortable insole
Passamentrie and Sequin Nite Shoe (April) (7, Gold)
Shoes ()
  • Exclusive NiteShoes
  • Passamentrie and Sequin
  • Heel: 3
Satin, Beads Clutch, Beaded Fram - Evening Bag - Madison (Has a Matching Shoe) (black)
Apparel ()
  • Exclusive Carlo Fellini Evening Bag
  • Satin, with beads decore
  • Chain handle
  • this bag has a matching shoe
  • Measures 11X3
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