Flat Shoes for Special Occasions

Fashion Flashback – Choosing Shoes for “Special” Occasions

Corso Como Tristan FlatDon’t get me wrong – there have been many a shoe I’ve admired – sometimes simply for the shoe’s aesthetic beauty. But I ultimately gravitate toward shoes that possess some quality that would seem irrelevant to many – for example, indestructibility.

If Shoes Could Talk

It was my good luck to spend my teenage years in New Orleans. If you are not familiar with the city’s climate and culture, you may be scratching your head at this segue – and wondering what this has to do with shoes.

Let me reassure you there is a connection. Between seemingly spontaneous street flooding and the ubiquitous that one encounters at festivals, night clubs, and other establishments of ill-repute, fragile or delicate shoes were a very poor choice.

Don’t misunderstand me. I still wanted to look put-together and cute. And though it was tempting, I did not wear my duck boots 24/7/365.

Antonio Melani Brianne Slingback Pumps(And by the way, duck boots NEVER go out of style and are always useful for tasks like cleaning out storm drains. Consider the for .00.)

My solution to the party gravy conundrum was a pair of black patent leather slingback flats, which were probably from Esprit.

Slingbacks are incredibly versatile and generally more comfortable than pumps. Further, flats do not have heels to nick.

As for patent leather, it withstands repeated immersions in the unknown.

My flats looked much like this ($98.95 from Nordstrom; also available in Dark Nude, Caramel).

Those shoes spent many an evening in fine New Orleans establishments – many of which – and all of which appeared to be housed in condemned (or soon-to-be condemned) structures. After a night out, all I had to do was wipe off my flats and they were good to go for the next escapade.

Calvin Klein Day Classic PythonA Practical Shoe Style for Any Occasion

If you remember nothing else from this post, please take away 1) the comfort of the slingback; and 2) the durability of patent leather!

I loved my indestructible black patent leather slingback flats. They wore out eventually, of course, but my penchant for black slingbacks and patent leather has been with me since. This relatively simple style dresses up most outfits. Fortuitously, the style also remains au courant.

For quite a while now I have rarely needed to worry about party gravy. Thus, I have been able to broaden the type of slingback that I choose. A heel is nice as it looks professional and suits either skirts or slacks.

Important note for professional women: you can wear slingbacks at most offices. Bonus: in subtropical climates like New Orleans, slingbacks can be worn year-round. (And, if I were to head north, I would still consider wearing them year-round should the weather cooperate.)

While patent leather is wonderful – and in my opinion, ideal – even I can see that it would be weird to have an entire closet full of patent leather shoes.

In addition to the Corso Como Tristan Flat shown above, these other black slingback styles have caught my eye recently.

Robeez Robeez Special Occasion Soft Sole Slip-On (Infant),White,12-18 Months M US Infant
Shoes (Robeez)
  • Ultrasoft flexible leather

Good golly DD,

by eeieeyeoh

It seems pretty simple that the best are so because they try harder than others. Understanding self and other's stupidity shouldn't be much of a hurdle to do gracefully. After all, it's just a skill and art of being able to understand and put oneself in other people's shoes (see things from their point of view). I have enjoyed being able to "razzle and dazzle" on the customer's stage too, but also must be realized that WOT can't be performed 24/7. There's only a couple or few of my many 10's of K customers I've walked off the job for because of their unreasonable expectations of their value of my skills, and only before I ever did any work to begin with (except one very unusual case that I will never disclose the identity of to protect the innocent)

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