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Comfortable stylish walking shoesSo it’s your perfect date night ahead and you have it all sorted out – The dress, the make-up, accessories and the right bag. However, there is one last thing left out in your list – The right comfortable evening shoes. (more…)

Most comfortable dress shoes for women has become a trend that for years trying to bridge the gap between comfort and style. Having them in your collection will offer you the comfort as you relieve your feet, hips, back, and knees from the strain of using heels. While seeking comfort, it is also crucial to consider style when selecting a pair. (more…)

Comfortable bridal shoesDress shoes are stylish symbolizes self-confidence. You need to add comfort as an important quality in your dress shoes. While most comfortable dress shoes for men may be costly, making the wise choice when purchasing the pair will see them serve you for a long time. Comfortable dress shoes for different occasions include: (more…)

Shopping for comfortable stylish walking shoes is not easy. Depending on the nature of your trip, you have to make a selection from numerous shoe styles and brands.

L.L. Bean Men’s Comfort Mocs

Comfortable stylish walking shoesThese casual flats are recommended for those who have to walk around the airport waiting for a flight. They also serve those whose travel entails a measure of walking or waiting in line before reaching their destination.Moccasins and Mary Janes have quality pair of casual flats for males. These shoes are designed to offer comfort from the soft leather and the padded inner sole component. L.L. Bean Mocs slip on and off with ease when you remove or wear them. These shoes are designed for use in any weather owing to their water resistant feature.

J.Crew’s Cece Ballet Flats and Madewell’s Skimmers

Cece Ballet Flats and Skimmers are comfortable dressy flat shoes. If your travel includes attending a formal occasion, this is an ideal pair. They come in several colors including neutral colors thus leaving buyers spoilt for choice.Comfortable stylish walking shoes ing your foot shape to finish of a beautiful look. The inner sole of the shoe is soft and luxurious giving the foot a relaxing feel. They are also light in weight thus easy to carry around.

Finn Comfort Shoes

Sandals can be used as a comfortable travel shoe option. However, you need a desirable and comfortable sandal to enjoy your travel. The Finn Comfort shoe comes in various sandal designs including closed toe collection are an ideal pair. These shoes take care of those having flat and wide feet. They are the most comfortable pair for you especially if you have had difficulty finding a well fitting pair. Their soles are designed to provide comfort to the user. These German made shoe come at a big price, but their service is well worth the cost.

Mom needs help with special outfit

by ---`s the problem. My son is retiring from the Navy at the end of May. We are flying to the Seattle area for the retirment ceremony. This is a very special occasion. My son says that the ceremony is "semi formal". I have`nt got a clue what I am suppose to wear.
I am 55 years old, and 50 pounds overweight. I own two pairs of jeans, and one pair of tennis shoes. I have a few tops that I got at the thriftstore. I do not wear a bra, and might be a bit of an old hippy.
OK, so I need a bra to start with. No idea where to go for that. Must , MUST be comfortable. I have no idea what to wear to this ceremony

Okay women! How DO YOU do it!

by FunkyChicken

Okay, I've been more the comfortable clothes wearing type of girl. Until the last year. I finally put away the sandals and homely looking clothes and have been buying some more "girly" clothes. I feel better and look better (I'm guessing)
this weekend I bought some heels (which, I have some already but are more dressy special occasion types of shoes) so I buy these really hot looking heels with pointy toes. Now, are ALL shoes like this feel like you'd rather chop your feet off and walk on your stumps...or is just me? Or is it just THESE shoes. I admit, they were on the cheaper side (under $30)

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