Mexican Fiesta Engagement party

A Fiesta Engagement

watched. Using an old broom stick handle we made both Mel and Travis spin around 10 times then try and hit the pinata. Meanwhile everyone laughed as we pulled the string up each time they went to hit it. Finally after numerous misses Travis demolished the pinata. Thank goodness we used plastic mini bottles.

Since the proposal was caught on tape, we all gathered around and watched the video. Then Mel and Travis opened their gifts.

Mary gave Mel an adorable countdown until the wedding sign and Travis volunteered to fill in the number of days until their wedding. Clearly Mel was not amused.

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Fiesta theme HELP!

by desireeh

**ok, sorry to be starting a new thread here, I guess I needed to be more specific in my thread about non-floral centerpieces!**
We will be doing an engagement party at my home.
We decided on a fiesta theme (to make it laid back and fun-yet no mexican food, we'll be serving steaks!).
I do not really want to play up the mexican flag, sombrero's or burros (donkeys). I would like to play with the color scheme: BLUE, RED, YELLOW AND GREEN. I don't mind a few chili pepper decorations here and there.
I would like some ideas, PLEASE HELP! I don't want to spend a lot, and I want to save the candle ideas for my wedding, so I need CENTERPIECE IDEAS!
I would like something nicer than the cardboard centerpieces they sell at the party supply stores, I NEED YOUR CREATIVE...

Engagement parties  — Iowa State Daily
If it is a fancy venue, then it may be appropriate to have a black-tie event, but if it is a casual venue, it is not necessary to wear something so fancy as a ball-gown or a tuxedo.

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