Luau Engagement party Invitations

A luau is a type of Hawaiian feast that includes traditional foods as well as a party atmosphere and entertainment. In general when non-Hawaiians host a luau, they try to capture the tropical atmosphere of Hawaii and do not worry so much about the food. If you're not too familiar with Hawaiian cuisine, try your hand at Hawaiian decorations instead! Aside from dressing the part, here are some very cute ideas for any luau.

Beverage Tub with Grass Skirt
Most luaus take place outside and in the summer. That means you'll be filing coolers and tubs with ice and drinks. Dress up those drink containers in grass skirts! Simply line the rim of each tub with as many grass skirts as needed to go around. This will give any size or shaped container an immediate luau flair.

Flower Party Lights
You can find flower lights at almost any party retailer, and string them across your party area like holiday lights! They appear to shine more and more brilliantly as the evening progresses, and will add a ton of decoration to the atmosphere with a minimal amount of work.

Party Leis & Lei-Making for Kids
Passing out leis to all guests is a tradition, and saving a true floral lei for any honored guest is a beautiful touch. If you're party involves kids, take this a step further and make an activity out of it! Prep by cutting out paper flowers in all different colors in a few different sizes. Be sure to punch a small hole in the center of each flower. Use a length of yarn and alternate lacing one colored macaroni piece and one paper flower until the yarn is nearly full. Tie together tightly, and you're done!

Bring out the leis and get ready to hula! These tropical stationery papers are perfect for a neighborhood luau!

Our pool party invitations are sure to make a splash at your next summer pool party!

Have a fiesta, and don't forget to bring the cervezas! Enjoy any fiesta event with one of our themed invitations.

Summer BBQ's are the perfect way to hang out and cool off. It's the best way to relax with friends and family!

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Engagement parties are no-gift events

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So it does not matter who hosts them. AND, as vvivo said, people are usually NOT told in advance that it is an engagement party.
Usually people are invited to a "party" and the engagement is announced at that time.
Again, gifts for the bride and groom are not appropriate at engagement parties. If anyone wants to take hostess/host gifts, of course, that is fine (wine, flowers, etc). Most of us do that automatically when invited to a nice party.

Engagement parties  — Iowa State Daily
If it is a fancy venue, then it may be appropriate to have a black-tie event, but if it is a casual venue, it is not necessary to wear something so fancy as a ball-gown or a tuxedo.

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