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Unique Ideas for Hostess Gifts

If you visit many friends for dinner parties, housewarming parties, or other events, you may be fresh out of ideas for hostess gifts. Giving the same old thing each and every time gets old for both you, and the hostess. Break out of your rut and try these ideas for unique and special hostess gifts that both you and the recipient will love.

Personalize it. One way to really show that you put some thought into your hostess gift is to personalize it. Try getting some monogrammed stationary printed. Choose a monogrammed towel set, or get a special message engraved on the hostess's favorite candle scent. This will show your friend that you really thought about her when choosing the item, instead of just breaking out yet another generic hostess gift.

Choose something she can use right away. Gifts such as fresh flowers are something that can add to your hostess's party right away. She can add a fresh flower arrangement right into the décor immediately for all of the guests to enjoy. Just make sure you bring the flowers already arranged in a vase so the hostess doesn't have to spend time scrambling around looking for a vase or waste time trimming the stems while she should be hosting. A potted blooming plant, put in a decorative container, makes of another great, immediately useable hostess gift.

Make it expendable. Expendable gifts, those that get used up eventually such as lotions and soaps or gourmet food items, are a great idea for a hostess gift. Many hostesses receive decorative items that just take up space in the home. Gifts that will be used such as scented bath and body products or delicious baking mixes are a great idea for any hostess.

Go along with the theme. Another great idea is to make your hostess gift go along with the party theme. If the hostess is having a housewarming party, choose a useful household item that sometimes gets forgotten such as coasters, trivets, or a wall clock, to help her decorate her new home. If it's a grill out dinner party, bring some gourmet grilling sauces, a fun apron, or some tablecloth weights for an outdoor tablecloth. Matching your hostess gift to the party theme is another great way to show you put some thought into your gift selection.

Engagement parties are no-gift events

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So it does not matter who hosts them. AND, as vvivo said, people are usually NOT told in advance that it is an engagement party.
Usually people are invited to a "party" and the engagement is announced at that time.
Again, gifts for the bride and groom are not appropriate at engagement parties. If anyone wants to take hostess/host gifts, of course, that is fine (wine, flowers, etc). Most of us do that automatically when invited to a nice party.

Engagement parties  — Iowa State Daily
If it is a fancy venue, then it may be appropriate to have a black-tie event, but if it is a casual venue, it is not necessary to wear something so fancy as a ball-gown or a tuxedo.

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