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Halloween Ghost Party Ideas and Online Invitations

Halloween Online Cards Invitations Ghost Party LaBelleCarteThe ghosts have come to La Belle Carte, and we’re ready to get in the spirit of the season! So if it’s your little one’s birthday this month, or if you just want a party with a seasonal theme, send out those invitations and surprise – and scare – your friends with our Halloween ideas!


White is the star colour for Halloween. Although many people choose orange and black or orange and white for Halloween, we decided to go with black and white to create contrast.Halloween party ghosts ideas DIY decor floating ghosts s to the napkins for snacks.

Fill the party with little ghosts – making them is easy and fun. Look at this simple DIY.


  • White fabric (or an old sheet)
  • Scissors
  • Small balloons
  • Fishing line
  • Wooden dowels (we recommend 3/8 inch by 36 inch dowel)
  • Packaging tape
  • Some vases or mason jars, to support the ghosts as they dry.
  • Starch

Halloween party ghosts ideas DIY decor hanging ghostsSteps:

  1. Cut circles of fabric to the size that you plan to make your ghosts.
  2. Inflate a balloon and place it in a vase or jar, then place the fabric in a bowl of starch, soak it thoroughly and drape it over the balloon.
  3. Let the ghost dry overnight.
  4. Insert a piece of fishing line through the top of the ghost’s head, and tape the ends.
  5. Spread the ghosts out throughout your party.

Halloween party ghosts ideas DIY recipes sweets treatsBesides the usual decorations, it’s also a good idea to decorate a party full of ghosts with balloon ghosts, like these. You just wrap them in tissue paper, or fabric that you like, and with the help of a ribbon you have a pretty bow. These can be given out as party favours as children arrive at a party.

Ghosts are the key theme of the party snacks too. Decorate the dessert table with personalized ghost sweets. Try using fruit like strawberries or bananas, coated in white chocolate and with black chocolate for the eyes. They’ll be irresistible!

Halloween party ghosts ideas DIY decor recipes ghost sandwichesBut there’s no need to leave out savoury snacks, they can be scary too. Cut cheese into the shape of a small ghost and make mini sandwiches, or serve a full meal featuring mash piped from a bag – giving a ghostly shape!


Kids’ parties are full of fun activities. Turn to DIY and make customized costumes for each child – helped by the children themselves! Give them each small pieces of fabric, along with glitter, fabric scraps and buttons, and let them make their own Halloween characters.

Party favours are among childrens’ favourite elements of a party, and an original alternative to store-bought treats is to wrap lollipops with white tissue paper and create little ghosts… sure to be a haunted hit with your little guests!

We hope you like these ideas of Belle’s and we remind you: take plenty of photos! Christmas is coming soon and that’s the perfect opportunity to share your photos with your friends and family at parties through our Online Christmas cards.

Kind of OT but im excited. We are having a hallo

by heartsetfreebylove

Ween party this year. It will be on my birthday and its actually going to be a halloween/birthday/engagement kinda thing. We were tyring to decide how to decorate the house and have a "theme"
Well we are going to do the bride and groom theme with all the creepy "dead" bride and groom stuff that you see all the time.
Probably gonna get negged lol oh well it will be fun

That sounds super fun!

by mcdkatie

I love the dead bride/groom halloween/engagement party idea. That's going to be awesome! I dressed up as a bloody bride last year for halloween. I much prefer bloody/ugly costumes to the sexy ones that most girls do. Unfortunately, I'm not home today and won't be until late tonight or I would post a pic. My friend's mom used to do the makeup at a haunted house for a long time and she did my makeup. I was quite frightening actually. I'll post it tomorrow but by that time this post will be long gone. Oh well.

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