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Decide on the host/location Traditionally engagement parties are thrown by the bride's family and often at their home, but a casual get together at a favorite bar is a perfect way to go too.

Draft your guest list As it's customary to invite all those who attend your engagement party to the wedding too, it's good to get a sense of your wedding guest list first, if you can.

Pick a Date Generally parties are thrown one to three months after the engagement and up to six months after for couples with a longer engagement.

Choose food & drink Often this depends on the location, but it could be anything from a rooftop potluck to a five-course menu to cocktails and hors devours.

Decide on an invite These days the question is: to invite or to evite (or to facebook?). You know your friends and family best, and as far as engagement parties go, we think an evite is a perfectly suitable option.

Send the invites About 2-3 weeks before the party.

The guest list Engagement parties are increasingly becoming a way to involve more of your friends and family if you hope to have a small or destination wedding. Just be sure to make your plans clear early on.

Toasts Typically, toasts begin about two thirds of the way through the party. The bride's father gives the first toast, followed by the groom, and then the floor opens up to whomever is interested.

Gifts Common opinion says bringing gifts to an engagement party is unnecessary, but some people just don't like showing up to a party empty-handed (like us!). It's also a good idea to provide hosts, if you won't be hosting, with an answer to gift questions before your invites go out. If you'd prefer no gifts, if you'd prefer to have guests contribute to a favorite charity, or if you happen to have a registry set up with a few smaller items, guests may ask, so it's best to have an answer ready.

Location, location, location
Choose a location for your party that reflects your relationship. Find a drive-in movie theater and let guests mingle while the film from your first date plays in the background. Or if you're a couple who likes the great outdoors, secure a picnic pavilion at your favorite state park. Organize a scavenger hunt where guests find objects that when put together tell a story about your romance.

Instagram photo album
Why not create a personal hashtag for your party so that you can easily capture all the great snaps your friends take while they're there. Simply scribble your unique hashtag inviting instagraming friends to participate on a sign near the entrance.

Friendly entertainment
If you have some particularly funny groomsmen in your bunch, have them act out 'silent movie' skit of how the two of you met.

Set up a playlist bank
Ask your guests to scribble down songs they'd like to hear at the wedding reception and catch their requests in a vintage tin or piggy bank.

Dessert test run
Your engagement party is a great place to try out dessert ideas for the big day. Invite your guests to partake in the sampling by setting up a table where they can try different options and fill you in on their favorites.

Engagement Party Drinks

by future-mrs-b

Good afternoon lovelies :D
So tomorrow is the big engagement party, hooray! I wrote down that great punch recipe that was posted the other day but now we've confirmed a little over 70 guests, mostly drinkers!! I didn't have the foresight to ask folks to bring their own poison as I was hoping to provide it all and now I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed of course! Here's a list of what I'm thinking, and would love if anyone has some fun ideas, recipes, etc to add...
1 keg of beer
1 jug vanilla vodka
1 jug regular vodka
1 handle of Jack Daniel's
1 bottle of Captain Morgan's
1 bottle of Bicardi
Cherry Cola

Just host a party. Invite everyone over for

by bbybbl

A gathering. Many will think that you are actually hosting an engagement party. Great everyone as you would have normally, hor'derves etc out for munching. Tell your minister, officiant, local city clerk to mingle and that the wedding is a surprise to the guests. We personnaly have many parties throughout the year, quite a few that are 'themed' so it would not be a huge thing to pull off. Put most of your funds into the dress and tux (which you slip away from your guests to change into 15-30 minutes later)and then also into the food. If you do this at a location, invite everyone using the premise of dinner and have them start in like the bar and ushered into another room by the waitstaff

Engagement parties  — Iowa State Daily
If it is a fancy venue, then it may be appropriate to have a black-tie event, but if it is a casual venue, it is not necessary to wear something so fancy as a ball-gown or a tuxedo.

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