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Jewish Engagement Parties

Engagements are a great celebration in Jewish life and there are actually several traditional types of Jewish events marking and celebrating an engagement. You might limit your engagement parties to traditional Jewish types, or you may opt for a women's only shower or a shower for men and women in addition to your engagement party.

The L'chaim and Vort

The Hebrew word L'chaim literally means “to life.” It is the phrase Jewish people say when drinking a toast. Often just a few days after a couple gets engaged they will have a L'chaim, an informal get-together for family and close friends, to announce and celebrate the engagement and share their immediate joy with others. This can be a great opportunity for the bride and groom's families to spend some time with each other, get to know each other, and celebrate the engagement and their new connection together.

In Yiddish, the language of Eastern European Jewry, the word vort literally means “a word” and refers to a larger engagement party that is usually held several weeks or months after the L'chaim. The vort gets its title from either the fact that the bride and groom are giving their word to marry each other, or that this is a meal at which words of Torah and mazel tov, good wishes, are spoken on behalf of the new couple.

The L'chaim and vort are optional parties of recent vintage and are not demanded by Jewish law. Many couples have engagement parties at which family and friends get together, people bring gifts, and the couple's engagement is celebrated. Titling the celebration with its more traditional Hebrew or Yiddish name is not essential but can serve to connect the celebration to Jewish tradition and set a more meaningful and historic tone. If you do use either name, make sure to make a note on the invitation explaining the meaning of the party's title. People who are unfamiliar with such Jewish nomenclature and practices will be intrigued and interested.

While several people may want to make toasts, be sure to appoint a friend or family member to prepare in advance a meaningful L'chaim or vort that contains some Jewish thought and connects to the occasion. This will help to lend the whole party extra spiritual meaning.

Tanaim: To Sign or Not To Sign?

In Judaism, weddings are a unique balance between holy, spiritual, and emotional moments on the one hand and business transactions on the other. One ancient businesslike custom is to sign a document called the tanaim. The tanaim, which literally means “conditions, ” is a contract the two families enter into, essentially agreeing to go through with the wedding on the appointed wedding date.

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Engagement Party

by GardnerGirl

So my fabulous parents agreed to host our engagement party at their house next weekend (9/21-the same weekend we get married next year!) and almost everyone has RSVP'ed yes. Which is great, but now we have almost 40 people coming, and my mom and I are kind of at a loss for what to do for it. What makes it an engagement party, besides the fact that we announce our engagement? I was going to put out a few pictures of my FH and I as kids and then together now, but was wondering what some of you lovely ladies (and gents) had at your parties. I've researched some traditions on google, like planting a tree together at your party to symbolize your new life together, but wanted some more ideas

Shower vs. engagement party (long, sorry)

by esb

I'm feeling slightly confused.
FH & I are not so into traditions. We are picking here and there from things we like and are sort of reimagining our wedding. So far it's good, though I know it makes my mother uncomfortable.
Recently, my cousin & close friend both offered to throw me a shower. I'm very flattered. At the same time, I would like to include FH and have the whole thing be coed. FH agrees-- we are in this together and would like to celebrate things (like showers) as a couple. We'd rather it be a fun get together with friends than a present-fest. I mentioned this to my friend & cousin and they were both fine with it, though my cousin said that showers are traditionally "more intimate" and that it being coed might ruin that

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Engagement parties  — Iowa State Daily
If it is a fancy venue, then it may be appropriate to have a black-tie event, but if it is a casual venue, it is not necessary to wear something so fancy as a ball-gown or a tuxedo.

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