Engagement Parties on Long Island

Old Hollywood Engagement Party at the Floral Terrace in Long Island

long-island-engagement-party-floral-terrace1Having only a matter of weeks our gorgeous bride to be put on a fabulous engagement party. Her story is one of a foreign love affair that has had its ups and downs. Her engagement party had everything a girl can dream of, from a beautiful dress to showers of money and being surrounded by loved ones! We can’t wait to follow her journey to her wedding!

Tell us a little about you and your upcoming wedding.

We both come from a small country in Albania. Our wedding will most likely take place in Albania sometime in the summer of 2017. Our Engagement Party took place June 21st, 2013 in Long Island, New York, at an elegant place called Floral Terrace.

long-island-engagement-party-floral-terrace3Floral Terrace is a cute, little antique building. It used to be a theatre in the 1900s. This fun fact gave me the idea to have an Old Hollywood themed Engagement Party. The wedding will be serious enough, so it didn’t hurt to have a little fun with the Engagement Party!

long-island-engagement-party-floral-terrace5The guests throw the money on the floor for the intention of giving it to the couple, however, the couple makes an agreement with the band: the band can charge a flat fee and not take the money that is thrown, or take the money that is thrown but charge a lower rate for booking them. In our party, we gave the money thrown to the band on top of what they asked for.

How did he pop the question?

This story, fortunately and unfortunately, cannot be condensed! We started dating when we were just 16 years old, in 2004. A while after, on my 19th birthday, Enredi gave me a promise ring that I never took off of my finger for all the years to come. We make nine years in September of this year, and it hasn’t been a smooth ride all along, that’s for sure! Our relationship was very rocky prior to our engagement, to the point that I decided to call it quits and move to Antigua to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor.

long-island-engagement-party-floral-terrace6For the first semester away, we realized how much we actually loved each other and wound up getting back together. When I got back to New York after the first semester ended, on June 23rd, it was coincidentally my birthday weekend and the 5th year anniversary of when he gave me the promise ring. I of course, did not remember this little fact, so he tricked me by saying he wanted to celebrate “my birthday”.

Enredi had reserved a fancy hotel in the city called Mandarin Oriental by Central Park. As cliche as it sounds everything was actually going completely wrong that day. First, the hotel didn’t have a record of his reservations! That sparked a small fight between us. Second, when we went to dinner, my dress was so tight I couldn’t breathe, so I asked Enredi to give me his jacket so I could unzip the dress. He refused to give it to me! Little did I know he was hiding the ring in the pocket of the jacket. Then, after dinner, we decided to go back to the hotel room so I could change.

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Part 2

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The answers to your questions depend on other factors.
Engagement parties can be hosted at any time soon. The best way to do this is to have you or your parents have a "party" and announce your engagement at this party. That way people know they are not expected to bring gifts. And etiquette says that everyone who is invited to your engagement party must be invited to your wedding.
Save the Date notices are not always necessary. They are especially helpful if your wedding in over a holiday weekend or if you have a lot of guests who need to travel to get to your wedding so they can book their airfare and hotel rooms when prices are lower

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