Engagement Parties Brisbane

Engagement Party Gold Coast, Brisbane or Byron

SHE SAID YES!!!The traditions of your parent’s era are well and truly over. Engagement parties these days can be anything. From small gatherings of close family and friends to large extravagant parties, to theme evenings or even a good old aussie bbq.

Did you know??

The engagement party use to be held on the day of the announcement. Now its more likely to be 3 months to 6 months after he popped the question.

Who do I invite??

Every couple is different in this aspect. I believe the people you invite to the engagement expect to be invited to the wedding. But some couples invited everyone they can to the engagement as a celebration of the beginning of their life together and then have a smaller closer wedding party.

Where do we have it??

This is where we come in. We can found a location or venue on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Byron that suits you and your personality. Some of our clients have it at their family home or others have had a bbq, I had it at our favourite restaurant & where we met. It can be as small and simple as you want or big & extravagant as you would like.

Do I need a theme??

This again comes back to you as a couple. We can point you in the right direction and help you choose what is best as a reflection of you and who you are. As this whole celebration is about YOU!! You may want to choose a theme that will set the scene for the wedding itself. For example, if you are planning a beach wedding on the Gold Coast or Byron or Afar, then a beach theme for the engagement party would be fun and exciting. ic interest that you share as a couple.

What about food & drinks??

This goes back to the venue or location you chose for your Gold Coast or Brisbane engagement party. The food I think should be what you like & love. And the drinks everyone is happy with the standard, beer, wine & soft drink. Then again if your having a cocktail engagement maybe an idea to have a signature cocktail as a welcome drink.

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I am sending them out (i think)

by aliskyblue

For several reasons.
Please note, no one would get an 'announcement' if they are not invited to the wedding. We a having professional engagement photos taken, so the notice will be like a photo Christmas card that basically says "Hi, we are engaged" with our photo (so fam and friends have a recent pic). So thats all I mean by annoucement. Included in the envolope will be an invitation to our engagement party (which will be people in our area, closer family and friends). Also note that on the invitations it will mention that "your presence is a gift" type of message. Mostly I just wanted people to have a picture

ADvice from a recent bride.

by good-advice-here

I noticed there was a ton of extras that our wedding planner wanted, but in order to keep her happy, we just agreed to use half of the extras she proposed (ie. vodka luge, trellis decorated with ivy and netting for the venue, etc.)
Other thigns that might help defray the cost of your wedding would be to sell tickets to your guests(set it to a low $$ amount so you don't insult them but this really also helps get a head count) honeymoon registry, and/or engagement announcement party. Doing a Jack and Jill shower (we sold tickets to this as well) is a good way to up the number of gifts you receive

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