Christmas Engagement party Invitations

Simple and Sensible Ideas for a Fun Christmas Engagement Party

Christmas Engagement PartyDreaming of an engagement party that’s budget-friendly, offers no-fuss set up and clean up, and promises a fun and intimate ambiance? Can’t be done, you say? And definitely not at Christmastime? Well, here’s our holiday surprise. We present an engagement party concept that’s potluck, fondue, and wine-and-cheese all wrapped up in one festive celebration—so you can enjoy the occasion instead of agonizing over the planning. See our practical entertainment tips below!

Set up Fun, Interactive Food Stations

Prepare scrumptious bite-sized foods in an array of unique flavors.

Set the casual tone immediately by announcing the “potluck” angle of your party in your guest invitations. You may also want to read more on how to save on your invitations. [Hint: If you feel a bit awkward about this, you can tuck in a note about this to just your closest friends and family members.] Then, prepare locations in your home that can serve as food stations.

Cheese bowl dipFree up a counter or island in your kitchen, perhaps, for the wine-and-cheese station. Then, set up a cozy couch and coffee table in your living room for the fondue station. Without the constraints of a formal, sit-down meal, guests will be free to mingle with one another and savor the varied party fare!

Wine and Cheese – Lay out a simple wine and cheese spread—consisting of goat cheese and smoked cheddar with a fresh loaf of crusty French bread. Pair these with your favorite wines such as a chardonnay, chianti, and pinot blanc. And offer fresh fruits, like pears, figs, and grapes, for a touch of sweetness. Serve these up on elegant sterling silver trays or wooden cheese boards.

Party scene warm palette As party guests stroll into your kitchen, greet them with a truly inviting wine-and-cheese spread that’s sure to get the party conversations going!

As an added treat for guests, craft a clever topiary made of shapely cut croutons from which they can take a piece to sample the different dips on hand. Ours are a savory goose liver paté served in a terra cotta bowl, plus a selection of three-cheese, spicy tomato, and curry dips to suit every taste.

Remember: By creating an interactive element, this adds to the fun as it allows guests to move casually from one area to another. Having the foods laid out in this serve-yourself fashion also leaves you free to interact with guests rather than being stuck in the kitchen!

Fondue – In another spot in your home, have a mini fondue table set up. Offer up different fresh fruits for dipping, such as whole strawberries; peach, pear, or apple slices; and melon balls. For variety, you may also have mini cookies, marshmallows, and bread squares on hand, as well as veggies like sliced carrots, celery, and endives. Cooked meats such as shrimp, tender beef chunks, and chicken may also be served. Read Celebrate Your Engagement With a Cozy Fondue Party for more planning tips.

At the fondue “food station, ” offer a choice of sweet and savory dips to enjoy with fresh fruits, sweet tidbits, and even veggies.

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I am sending them out (i think)

by aliskyblue

For several reasons.
Please note, no one would get an 'announcement' if they are not invited to the wedding. We a having professional engagement photos taken, so the notice will be like a photo Christmas card that basically says "Hi, we are engaged" with our photo (so fam and friends have a recent pic). So thats all I mean by annoucement. Included in the envolope will be an invitation to our engagement party (which will be people in our area, closer family and friends). Also note that on the invitations it will mention that "your presence is a gift" type of message. Mostly I just wanted people to have a picture

ADvice from a recent bride.

by good-advice-here

I noticed there was a ton of extras that our wedding planner wanted, but in order to keep her happy, we just agreed to use half of the extras she proposed (ie. vodka luge, trellis decorated with ivy and netting for the venue, etc.)
Other thigns that might help defray the cost of your wedding would be to sell tickets to your guests(set it to a low $$ amount so you don't insult them but this really also helps get a head count) honeymoon registry, and/or engagement announcement party. Doing a Jack and Jill shower (we sold tickets to this as well) is a good way to up the number of gifts you receive

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