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Boston Wine School: Wine, food, fun!

$50 per person – Fine Wine Reception

Minimum 20 + Room Fee: Boston Wine School $500 | Upstairs Tasting Room $300 | Off-Site $250
Wine tasting reception for a larger group to learn about wine and each other. Begins with a good introduction to wine and tasting, then guests experience 6+ wines at their own pace with artisan bread, cheese, olives, and antipasto. Duration: 2 hours

$75 per person – Interactive Tasting Class

Chefstro Personal ChefsMinimum 12 + Room Fee: Boston Wine School 0 | Upstairs Tasting Room 0 | Off-Site 0
Customized interactive tasting class, 6+ wines with hors d'oeuvres, bread, olives, antipasto, and more. We'll start with sparkling wine and canapes when you arrive, then sit down together for your in depth wine class. You select the theme and we'll design a class especially for you based on what you want to learn and the wines you're interested in. Includes a selection of cheeses for each guest to enjoy during class. Duration: 2-3 hours

Boston Wine School: Family style wine dinner seating5 per person – Tasting Class + Dinner

Minimum 12 + Room Fee: Boston Wine School 0 | Upstairs Tasting Room $300
Start out with one of our interactive tasting classes, then follow up with a buffet dinner paired with the perfect wine. 6+ wines, your theme and your choice of menu — Night in Italy, Spanish Tapas, Southern Stars, much more. Duration: 3-4 hours

Boston Wine School: Wine, food, fun!Minimum 12 + Room Fee: Boston Wine School 0 | Upstairs Tasting Room 0
For the true wine lover, nothing compares with tasting just the right wine with just the right food. Each incredible night begins with a sparkling wine reception followed by 6+ wines, every one served with its own unique tasting course. Enjoy classic combinations — seafood with Sauvignon Blanc, beef with Bordeaux, red Zinfandel and chocolate — and discover new ideas like Riesling with vegetarian sushi or red wine risotto. Duration: 3-4 hours

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Find a niche

by cushionlife

I'm came across your listing and although I am in NJ I wanted to response (I made that clear b/c some people on this board is real anal about that) anyway, I own a seminar production and special events firm. This is a very lucrative and good business to have. The key is (just like with any other business) is finding a niche (maybe working with children, doing only corporate events, themed parties, the affluent market etc). This helps cut on your marketing expenses b/c you only market to that niche and once you get one down pack you could expand to another market. Always, collect a consultation fee that could be put towards the bill if they choose to hire you (if...

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