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10 Things I Learned Shooting Corporate Events

Economist NYC Business 2007 in New York CityI’ll never forget the day I shot my first corporate event. I rented a Nikon D2h and an 80-200 2.8 lens. An hour into the shoot my neck was already killing me and the client had already told me to stand in the back because my camera was “making too much noise.” It was there, at some Economist Conferences Event, that my life as an event photographer began.

In a sense, I “cut my teeth” in wedding photography by shooting corporate events.

Corporate functions such as a “lecture style” event can be very difficult to shoot because of the limited aesthetic range and the rigid situation. Finding an artful way of representing them with the camera can be a real challenge. By taking the time and energy to make art out of each event, I was preparing myself as a wedding photographer.Corporate Photography of President Obama I shot that has helped shape me into the wedding photographer I am today.

With that said, here are some of the things I’ve learned from corporate events that can easily be applied to just about any type of event photography.

1. If you’re not early, you’re late. Leave enough time to get to the job so that you’re not stressed once you arrive. You’ll also impress the client and even the staff/various vendors associated with the event, who may hire you later.

2. Be prepared to muzzle it. By now you’d think our expensive DSLR’s wouldn’t make as much noise as they do, but they do. I hate shooting with the blimp on my D3, but I do it when I have to. And the client and everyone around me appreciates it.Fortune's Most Powerful Women event 2010 heck out .

3. Look sharp. Never look sloppy. Your own appearance influences how others see themselves in your photos. Your safest bet is to wear black but don’t be sloppy just because you’re wearing black.

4. Shoot an 85 1.4. Before the Nikon D3 I shot with a D200 and a D2h (cameras not necessarily known for their low light greatness!). So shooting at 1.4 was the name of the game, but from doing it so much I got much better at composing, focusing, and even manually exposing shots – partly due to the lack of “quick moving” objects and situations. Have no doubt, the 85 1.4 is my favorite lens to shoot, period, and should be in any event shooter’s camera bag. If not the 85 1.4, be sure to have a long lens that shoots 2.8 all the way through, and perhaps even a monopod (your back will thank you).

Apolo Anton Ohno appears for NBC along with Bob Costas corporate photography for wedding photographers Brian Friedman Corporate Photography photographer brian friedman

Getting started in corporate photography?

by PictureMan

I'm not sure this is the right forum, but here goes:
I'm already self-employed: I'm a wedding photographer. Now I'd like to move into the field of corporate photography--photographing corporate events.
To do that I'll have to market my services to the right people within my target businesses.
But who? And how?
Who should I ask for when I phone a business to offer my services? Are there magazines I could advertise in?
I'm hoping someone out there has done this kind of work before, or worked at a job where they had to hire photographers for their company, and can tell me how to go about reaching that market

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