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Electra Cruises® not only has a stunning fleet of yachts, but we are a full service event consulting firm. Our experienced and creative consultants will help you plan and design a unique and beautiful event that fits the needs of your company. We can design a custom event just for you, or you can use one of our successful event packages to create your own event.

Sample Pricing for 100 Guests Aboard the Electra

Midweek Four-Hour Luncheon Cruise
Featuring Oriental Chicken Salad and Soda Bar
$ 5, 045.00

Midweek Four-Hour Wine and Cheese Cruise
Beer, Wine and Champagne Bar
$ 5, 645.00

Midweek Four-Hour Dinner Cruise
Mahi-Mahi Buffet Menu, Beer, Wine and Champagne Bar
$ 6, 745.00

Midweek Four-Hour Dinner Cruise
Pasta Extravaganza Menu, Well Bar, and DJ
$ 7, 895.00

Admiral's Midweek Four-Hour Dinner Cruise

Fender Musical Instruments Corp. Fender Passport Event Portable PA System
Musical Instruments (Fender Musical Instruments Corp.)
  • 375 watts of output power-ample for medium-size audiences
  • International voltage operation (100V-120V / 220V-240V)
  • Included microphone kit contains mic, cable, clip in zipper pouch
  • Integrated seven-channel mixer lets you intuitively mix lecture panels, musical ensembles and more
  • Bluetooth-equipped-stream wireless audio from mobile devices

Don't let corporations KIll your DEmocracy

by anticorp

Grassroots Globalization Fact Sheet
March 2001
Contact: Joshua Karliner;
Julie Light;
Amit Srivastava
Tel: 415-561-6568
Globalization does not only happen from above. Public opposition to
corporate-led globalization is on the rise world wide. Grassroots movements
and communities around the world are increasingly working together to
stem the tide of corporate-led globalzation

The Nonsense Mantras of Our Time

by justyouraveragecitizen

The Nonsense Mantras of Our Times
By Ilija Trojanow and Ranjit Hoskote
What's the world like?
A flock of sheep.
One falls into the ditch,
the rest jump in.
(Sakhi: 240, The Bijak of Kabir, trans. Linda Hess and Shukdev Singh)
On TV screens across the globe, for more than two months now, the sheep have been jumping into the ditch without a bleat of protest. What's worse, they believe that's the way to go, the way of justice and salvation. Kabir's acerbic stanza accurately describes the debate in the mainstream media following the events of September 11

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.. their team photo taken and more. For more information and to support the Heart Walks, visit, or contact Corporate Events Director Shondra McLarty at (925) 705-5287 or

ANCHOR AUDIO Anchor Audio Public Address Beacon Basic Corporate Package
Network Media Player (ANCHOR AUDIO)
  • BEA-7500MU1 with built-in MP3 and one wireless receiver
  • WH-6 handheld transmitter
  • Wireless micriphone (requires WB-6) CM-60 collar
  • Mini cable to plug in iPod or external audio source
Springer Marketing in der IT-Branche ( (German Edition)
Book (Springer)
INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND The Taxation of Petroleum and Minerals: Principles, Problems and Practice (Routledge Explorations in Environmental Economics)
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