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How To Book Big Name Entertainment For Your Event In Las Vegas was established to do most of its business at the private and corporate level.

Would it surprise you to learn that anyone in Las Vegas can arrange for top name performers to appear at a private or corporate event or party?

It's actually quite possible, and it's easy.

Have an upcoming corporate gathering at the Four Seasons? Or perhaps a milestone birthday party at the Bellagio? BookingEntertainment can help you arrange for an appearance from your favorite band, celebrity, comedian, or speaker to ensure that your event is the success it should be.

We can handle not only the contracting of your chosen talent, as would an agent, or we can also act as a producer and handle the entire entertainment portion of your Las Vegas event as well, right down to all the details - sound, lights, equipment, staging, transportation, hotels, and dozens of other performance particulars which are crucial to a live event's success.

BookingEntertainment can provide an onsite time to produce the live entertainment portion of your evening, so that you can relax and enjoy the entertainment with your guests, knowing that all is taken care of for you.

The easiest way to start is by filling out our Entertainment Request Form. This form will help us gather the information we need to help you start planning your live entertainment for your party or event in Las Vegas.

One of our agents will contact you within twenty-four hours after receiving the form, to further explain the process and check to see if you have any additional questions. They'll help you select your best choice for entertainment, if needed, and then return with a turnkey price to include everything mentioned above.

At this point, you can choose to move forward or not, and if so, the formal offer can be submitted to your talent of choice. If the act accepts the offer, BookingEntertainment handles everything else, starting with the contracts.

It's that easy.

To begin booking your entertainment for your Las Vegas area event today, just fill out the Entertainment Request Form located right here on our site.

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You sure it's not just an indicator that people

by are_starting_to_realize

That Las Vegas sucks shit?
I have been dragged there so many times for bachelor parties and corporate events, and each time it's gets a little worse. There are three brands of people in Vegas - college frat guys, fat people from Red States, and Arabs. It comes together in one gigantic ball of overpriced stank.
The attractions aren't interesting, the shows are boring, and the food sucks.
But yeah, agree we're in a recession.

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