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Steckle Heritage Farm is a heritage designated property owned and operated as a charity providing educational and recreational programs to youth and families within the community. By renting our beautiful bank barn for your event, you are helping us to maintain the facility and continue to offer unique and quality programs to youth in our community.

Fees vary according to facilities and services required

All Rental Fees go directly into the maintenance and operation of the Farm by the Charity. We are a non-profit educational farm focused on providing experiential learning opportunities to families, children and the community

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Help I need some advice on a marketing career

by MarketingMan12

Hi.. I recently applied for jobs in another city and I have two offers. My background is 4 years in online marketing - 2 as Marketing manager.
Option 1 – Marketing Manager – Museum of the City of [let's say Chicago]($72,000 starting base + Full Benefits)
Guaranteed success
Out of the corporate environment
Diverse consumer base - consumer oriented marketing
Diverse Marketing – on and offline
Two people under me
Relaxing work environment; near park, at museum, etc.
Run events (museum mile events, etc.)
More time off
Politically challenging with budget
Longer commute
No travel
Option 2 – Online Marketing Director – Hotel Web Marketing Company ($70,000 starting base +3 month...

Product/brand managment in LA

by Xchicagoan2chicagoan

Don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but put off your Chicago to LA move for awhile. When I decided to make the move, people told me to go for it... jobs are plentiful in Cali. Not now, and not if you're in marketing/product/brand management.
First off, you'll need specific industry experience to land those jobs. Otherwise, forget it. The big industries out here are automotive, healthcare, insurance, pharmaceutical, and, of course, entertainment. Other than that, all they want out here are salespeople.
If you're planning on changing careers, you've got a whole load of new college graduates to compete with too

Thank you for your interest

by Historian_17

Thank you for your responce, it shows a sign of interest.
Do I live in Madison or anywhere in Wisconsin? -- I do not see your question as relevant to events at hand. How does it differ from the coasts? -- For one thing, it is different but as a non-antropologist I am loath to say is what ways.
What is the largest employer? -- I believe that Government (state, county and city) as well as Education (Universy of Wisconsin) share for the plurality of jobs. I do not know the largest manufacturer, but I suspect it may have something to do with cheese.

Northern Illinois Heart Walk/5K May 3  — The Rock River Times
.. their team photo taken and more. For more information and to support the Heart Walks, visit, or contact Corporate Events Director Shondra McLarty at (925) 705-5287 or

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