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Dave and Buster's Denver location unveils new look...and new rules

The fourteen-year-old Dave and Buster's at 2000 South Colorado Boulevard just became the first link in the chain's 56 locations to get a major overhaul, which was unveiled last Friday. With the new look came some new rules: After 10 p.m., the spot is 21-plus only.

With this update, the original oak-and-brass accoutrements spread throughout the 65, 000 square-foot venue have been phased out in favor of a much hipper, almost club-like vibe. Various zones have been redefined; the biggest addition is D&B Sports, which has three thirteen-foot hi-definition projection screens -- some of the biggest in the state.

Dave's Arcade, which was formerly the Midway, features some games made specifically for Dave and Buster's, like Fruit Ninja, a popular app for mobile phones that was recreated in arcade form; customers go to the Swag Room to redeem their tickets for prizes, which include everything from smaller trinkets to Xboxes and snowboards.davebusters2.jpg ms sports an old-school feel, with leather couches, wood paneling, ping-pong and pinball tables.

Other zones include EAT at Buster's, the main dining area where oversized red booths can be reserved for parties, and FUNction Rooms, which can be rented out for private events or corporate meetings.

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  • Processor Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz or equivalent.
  • 2 GB RAM.
  • 3D video card with 256 MB dedicated video memory, DirectX9 compatible + secondary monitor output
  • Hard drive space for music and video files.Package content:

And YOU still haven't owned up to the fact

by uncle_claudius

That you've been shown to be dead wrong in your assertion that Bank of America is a San Francisco firm that for some reason relocated its corporate headquarters to Charlotte, NC.
Sure, Bank of America wasn't started as Bank of America, but it certainly had its origins in Charlotte, as anyone can plainly see.
The story really starts when North Carolina National Bank was formed from older NC banks, and Hugh McColl became CEO in 1982. From what I read in an article about McColl, he did want to provide the South with capital, and I distinctly caught the drift that he felt the South was slighted by Northern financial institutions

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