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A Beginners Guide to Corporate Event Marketing and Advertising

2. In the Facebook Search Bar Type Event and Click on the Facebook App “Events”

3. Click on the “Create Event” Button and Type in as Much info about the event as you can

including Links to the event homepage, and any other pertinent info.To Promote the

Corporate Event Marketing with Twitter

Twitter is another very popular free social media website and phone app. It not only lends itself well to advance event promotion but it is a great way to promote interest and foster connections during the event by “live tweeting” the event, or sending out messages via Twitter in real time. is as simple as going to, finding a username that is not taken, and setting up a quick profile. Most users will benefit from a third-party service such as or TweetDeck. These are free for the first few accounts and allow users to monitor and post from multiple accounts and to schedule tweets in advance. This feature shouldn’t be abused, because it can come across as spammy and does tend to lessen user engagement on posts, but it is a goof way of maintaining a presence and getting your message out when you are mobile.

One of the most important things to do for your event on twitter is to create a hashtag, or a short phrase or code that will be used to tag posts about your event (#MyEvent2012, for example). Find one not currently in use and add it to your tweets, then set up and follow that hashtag in a suite like Hootsuite mentioned above. Then find others talking about your event so that you can engage them in conversation and see what sort of buzz the event is generating.

You can share exclusive content or tips and maybe even mix in giveaways or upgrades to people who reply to certain tweets with the hashtag or ReTweet your posts. Be sure to mix promotional posts in with useful tips and information and conversational or engaging comments, so followers do not feel overwhelmed with ads…
The advantage of Twitter is that it is very easy to keep track of the conversation surrounding your event by using a hashtag and setting up saved searches. It is also easy to see and respond to replies or questions in response to your tweets. The downside is that tweets are limited to 140 characters and, while links are allowed and encouraged, they can get lost in the rapid flow of conversation.

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Corporate Event Planning

by ak78

I have been in the advertising industry for about 3 years now. I am considering a position as event planning supervisor for a large communications firm. I would be implementing/managing events for a large electronics client. I was wondering if someone can provide some helpful insight on a role like this --- as well as how this position could be a launch pad for other marketing opportunities? What is the normal growth pattern for someone in event planning?

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