One Year Wedding Anniversary Party

Wedding Anniversary Party Decorations-Easy Elegance For Less

Wedding Anniversary Party Decorations: Easy Elegance for Less

Set the tone for the wedding anniversary party with carefully chosen decorations that enhance the special celebration and make guest feel welcome - all without breaking your budget.

How do you turn a plain old room, hall or gymnasium into a special place that's suitable for celebrating a special anniversary? The answer lies with decorations. But where do you begin, especially if you are working with a small budget? The tips below will give you ideas for making the most of your decorating budget.

Determine the Nature of the Party
The location, time of day and time of year can help determine the theme of the anniversary party. Is it an informal celebration? Will it be indoors or out? Or is it a formal affair? Or maybe it's a milestone anniversary such as a 25th or 50th. These factors will help determine the kind and amount of decorations you'll need. For example, if you're having the party in the fall, you can use autumn foliage as part of your decorations. If it's a 50th wedding anniversary, be sure to use lots of gold decorations (streamers, ribbons, confetti, etc.) to mark the golden occasion.

Less is More (and quite beautiful)
Never underestimate the power of simple decorations. When in doubt, choose a few key pieces to set the mood rather than a a hodgepodge of unrelated items. Floating candles on mirrored tiles make beautiful centerpieces - they're simple, beautiful, easy to make and very cost effective. You can also make romantic decorations using tulle or four-inch ribbon. Remember - your guests will be more focused on celebrating with the anniversary couple than on the decorations.

One of my best friends can't come to wedding

by 2happy2be

I was just the maid of honor at my friends wedding. I have been dating my boyfriend for 5 years. She met her husband at our house party. I helped plan her wedding which was planned a year in advance. I became engaged about a month before her wedding. I didn't want to tell my friend until she came back from her honeymoon out of respect. I told her 2 days after she got back,it will 3 months from now. She called me 2 days later and can't come because of her new inlaws 50th wedding anniversary which has been planned for some time. I think she is mad at me for not planning better so she can be there

Have you picked your wedding date yet?

by FridayThe13thBride

If so, and it's more than a year away, maybe have a "pre-anniversary party" and invite some friends, or your bridal party out. If you want a party so bad throw one for yourself! No one is going to be as excited about your wedding as you are, so show it and hopefully it will rub off on your friends.
Another thing to consider is that your friends maybe just haven't gotten their act together on this yet... I think that one of our engagement parties (the one thrown by our family) was about a month after we got engaged, but the one thrown by our friends was closer to 3 months later. Our friends knew that we were really busy, wanted to be engaged for a few months before...

Hahaha! The past year has been a difficult one

by HopelessTease

For my parents, whom will be married 40 years in August. My mother has fallen on ice and broken her wrist, had 3 stents placed in her heart, has begun giving herself 3 daily injections of insilun and just plain feels like crap. Myfather lost his job of 23 years when his company closed their doors without any notice, he has since started up his own handy-man business. My parents never had a wedding reception, just cake and cookies in the basement of the church. (They are both 62 by the way) After all the help they have given my husband and I over the past years financially and with our children, I want to do something for them, so I am throwing a surprise 40th wedding anniversary at a local country club with 60 of their closest friends

Money shouldn't be an issue

by be_reasonable

I cringe at the thought of people saving for years to pay for a wedding.. if you're going to save up for years for something - make it a down payment on a house - not for a one day party..
if you love this woman, and she loves you - and you can't afford a $15K wedding, but want to be married - then the answer is simple - get married, but don't have a $15K wedding. have a small simple ceremony and an even smaller reception
if you feel, (for some god-forsaken reason) that you MUST have an extravagant wedding that you can't afford, then have something small now (my sister got married for less than $5K and it was a blast!) and then have a big-ass party on your one year anniversary.

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