Invitations for 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Wedding Anniversary Party Decorations-Easy Elegance For Less

Wedding Anniversary Party Decorations: Easy Elegance for Less

Set the tone for the wedding anniversary party with carefully chosen decorations that enhance the special celebration and make guest feel welcome - all without breaking your budget.

How do you turn a plain old room, hall or gymnasium into a special place that's suitable for celebrating a special anniversary? The answer lies with decorations. But where do you begin, especially if you are working with a small budget? The tips below will give you ideas for making the most of your decorating budget.

Determine the Nature of the Party
The location, time of day and time of year can help determine the theme of the anniversary party. Is it an informal celebration? Will it be indoors or out? Or is it a formal affair? Or maybe it's a milestone anniversary such as a 25th or 50th. These factors will help determine the kind and amount of decorations you'll need. For example, if you're having the party in the fall, you can use autumn foliage as part of your decorations. If it's a 50th wedding anniversary, be sure to use lots of gold decorations (streamers, ribbons, confetti, etc.) to mark the golden occasion.

Less is More (and quite beautiful)
Never underestimate the power of simple decorations. When in doubt, choose a few key pieces to set the mood rather than a a hodgepodge of unrelated items. Floating candles on mirrored tiles make beautiful centerpieces - they're simple, beautiful, easy to make and very cost effective. You can also make romantic decorations using tulle or four-inch ribbon. Remember - your guests will be more focused on celebrating with the anniversary couple than on the decorations. 50 Square Wedding Invitations - Hearts Tango Sea
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Rant!!! soo mad!

by guessgirl19

Hello Everyone!
Well im not new here but I havent posted for the past 3-4 months!
Im 28 weeks pregs and due on July 20! Its a girl!! :)
I wanted to vent! because Im about to explode!!
Well, my in laws 50th wedding anniversary party is this coming weekend. I have been helping my SIL's here and there with the favors, I did the invitations!, and just giving out ideas. So DH
comes from work last night, and tells me if I can request this Friday off because we are going to be sooo busy setting up for the party, and that I need to help my 3 SIL, I was like "WHAT!? you want me to miss work Friday so that I can help your sisters? theres going to be at least 3-4 women doing the cooking and so forth! I dont think I need to be there! auuugghh was so mad because...

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